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Top 8 Geeky Father’s Day Board Game Gifts


Father’s Day is around the corner and geeky dads everywhere are eagerly awaiting their next gaming gift. Catan that he got for Christmas has been played to death so it is time to spoil him with something new.

Think out of the [board game] box and get him something unexpected this Father’s Day. Here is a look at some geeky gifts for any board game loving dad.

Family Fun: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

Bring all the fun of an escape room puzzle to the house by buying dad a game that the whole family can enjoy together. Holmes and Watson make their way through Victorian-era London to solve the mystery of Moriarty. The game is for 1 to 8 players and includes a bunch of quirky and historically accurate mysteries. Two lions have been murdered in Hyde Park? “Watson, the game is afoot!”

Drinking Game: Skull

Not all board games need to be brain-draining strategy games. Delight dad this Father’s Day with a quick-to-play game that he can play with the family or over a few drinks with his buds. Skull is a game of bluffing and hedging your bets, seeing who can bluff their way to the end. Just be careful to not mistake the vivid playing cards for coasters. Nothing ruins this game quicker than a beer-stained deck of cards!

Nerdy Game: Gloomhaven

Dungeons & Dragons dads will love this tabletop strategy board game. The wandering adventurer makes his way through an eerily dark corner of the world in order to clear the dungeon through tactical combat. The game can be played over multiple sessions and the ever-changing motives makes it more captivating with each round. It can also be played solo, giving dad’s some alone time to live their best nerd life.

Cult Game: Star Wars: Imperial Assault

No nerdy father’s collection is complete without at least a couple of Star Wars board games. Add to his arsenal with this fantastic game or get him some detailed Star Wars Miniatures to replace the standard grey playing pieces. The game sees the Galactic Empire face off against the Rebel Alliance in an epic retelling of events after Episode IV: A New Hope. This is also a good excuse to re-watch the original trilogy with your dad before playing.

Game Accessory: Settlers of Catan Piece Holder

Chances are your geeky dad already has a Settlers of Catan board game, but does he have some extra accouterments to give him an executive playing experience? Get him a set of piece holders to help him organize his roads and cities and play like the true king he is. 

Theme Night Game: New York Slice Games

Why not make dad’s wildest dreams come true with a pizza-themed Father’s Day. Order from his favorite pizza joint and gift him this fun pizza-themed game. Everything from the pizza-shaped box, to the menu style rulebook, and receipt scoreboard will keep the theme going. Players take turns to try and create the most delicious pizza and avoid yucky ingredients like anchovies. The perfect Father’s Day is only one slice away!

Classic Game: Backgammon

Get back to basics by gifting your dad an artsy interpretation of a classic game. Backgammon is a great date night game with a perfect balance of competition and fun elements. Get him a themed set with fun playing pieces or a colorful diamond design to brighten up the games room. Or opt for a travel Backgammon set that can be rolled up and taken along on your next camping trip.

Custom Game: Connect 4

Price: $80.00

Buy it at UncommonGoods.com

Get your dad a custom Connect 4 set made by a laser cutting artist. Add the names of family members instead of circles or get the playing pieces customized with his or your face. Nothing says Father’s Day like a customized gift so put some thought into it and get a set made. Connect 4 is the perfect game for customizing thanks to its simple setup and uniform playing pieces. 

Nerdy dads everywhere will rejoice when opening any of these fun board game gift winning you some serious brownie points. But if all else fails, there is always handwritten “hug-coupons” made at the last minute…

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