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Feisty Pets Christmas Bear

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The scariest Christmas bear available could be yours right now. Whether you want to prank your friends or fuel your own nightmares, this cute little Feisty Pets Christmas Bear can do the trick. Just give this innocent-looking bear a squeeze at the back of the head and its eyebrows will turn angry and its mouth will open to reveal fangs and jagged teeth.

At a mere 8 and 1/2 inches tall, this Christmas bear is officially named Ebenezer Claws. It wears a small Santa hat on one ear that reads “naughty/nice” on the white beard in red lettering. The bear itself is a light brown with a white nose. It is wearing a red and white scarf to match the Santa hat.

The cute to fierce transformation is done by simply squeezing the bear. Easy to do by mistake by any unassuming friend you’ve decided to prank. Though they don’t mention any mechanical parts that require batteries, do keep in mind that like most plushes, this Christmas bear is not safe to get wet. You can clean with a wet cloth and then hang it to dry, but do not stick it in the washer.

If you’re looking for a little practical fun this holiday, this bear is perfect. Though the product description stated ages 3 and up, I wouldn’t recommend giving this bear to a child. It’s little Albert all over again and you do not want that for any child. As such please refrain from showing little ones this Christmas bear, purchase it for your adult friends or family who can better see the humor in the situation.

The price is fairly decent and there are plenty of other Feisty Pets in the line-up. There is a very sweet looking orange cat, unicorn, and even a few that stick their tongues out. You wouldn’t know by looking at them that they can look so scary, the teeth and such are well hidden. Perfect for any holiday prank this year.

Whether the prank goes well or not, you can always be assured that this bear was fairly cheap and worth the screams of fright. All at your own risk, of course, though again, not for small children, no matter what the product description says.

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