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Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Static Arts Bust

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While a number of gamers were disappointed with FF XIII due to its extremely linear progression and what some considered a weak story, the game’s strongest point was undoubtedly its protagonist, Lightning. The pink-haired heroine seems to be universally loved, regardless of feelings towards the game itself, and fans can now show their love for her with this stunning Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Static Arts Bust from Square Enix.

The gorgeous PVC figurine depicts Lightning holding her sword aloft, ready to swing, and wearing her signature militaristic outfit from the game: white vest, pink cape, shoulder pads, and fingerless gloves. She measures approximately 7 inches tall x 3 inches wide x 3 inches deep, and sits atop the blue crystal that marks his game’s universe. The exquisite detail is evident in her intense facial expression, which perfectly captures her fierce personality. Of course, the bust also features her famously pink hair and lovely turquoise eyes. She looks ready to spring into action at any moment – you can even see the wind in her hair and clothes.

This small masterpiece is currently scheduled to ship sometime in November, and fans can preorder theirs right now from Entertainment Earth. The price is set at $59.99, which seems very reasonable considering the level of detail present, right down to the texture of her garment and individual locks of hair. It would make a perfect gift for the Final Fantasy fan in your life, and is a must-have for collectors, so don’t miss your chance to preorder it now so that you’ll get it when it releases this November.

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