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Fortnite Advent Calendar With Pocket Pops


Last year Funko completely sold out of their Marvel and Harry Potter Advent Calendar selections, and this year, the mega toy company has decided to add to their lineup of advent calendars. Funko’s Pocket Pop! Advent Calendar selection has now expanded to include an exciting new Fortnite advent calendar filled with Pocket Pops.

With the number of current Fortnite players totaling over 250 million people worldwide, there is a very good chance that either you play or someone you know and love does. No more chocolate Christmas Wisemen Advent calendars you find at your local grocery store and keep above the fridge. This is the Advent calendar every Fortnite lover in your life needs!

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Inside each day of Advent, from December 1st through December 24th, is a new Fortnite character to add to your Pocket Pop Fortnite collection. Potential characters include Codename E.L.F., Crackshot, Merry Marauder, Red-Nosed Raider, Leviathan, Rabbit Raider, Whiteout and more. Each day comes with the potential to be greeted by your favorite character to build up your personal army and show off your love for Fortnite.

The box could double as a display case once you remove the number each character is hiding behind, or you could proudly display them on your shelf that holds all of your other Fortnite memorabilia. Head on over to EntertainmentEarth.com to pre-order your Fortnite Pocket Pop advent calendar today for only $54.99 plus shipping and handling. This may seem like a steep price for an Advent calendar compared to the chocolate Advent calendars of our childhood, but compared to the average cost of Fortnite mini Pocket Pops, this saves the Fortnite lover in your life about 25% of what they would cost individually.

The Fortnite advent calendars will be shipped out sometime in October to get to your door in plenty of time to start your Advent celebrations, and they’re available to pre-order right now. Whether you play Fortnite: Save the World or Fortnite: Battle Royale this Advent calendar is for you.

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