Cool Stuff8 Best Fortnite Christmas Ornaments Available Right Now (2019)

8 Best Fortnite Christmas Ornaments Available Right Now (2019)

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If you’ve been paying attention to 2018 at all, you’ll already know that Fortnite is the hottest trending game in 2018. It’s played by over 40 million players monthly. Ridiculous.

If you’ve got a Fortnite-obsessed player in your home, and you’re looking for their 2018 Christmas ornament, we’ve got you covered below with our list of the 8 best Fortnite Christmas ornaments available right now.

I’ll note that the selection is currently limited to Etsy, as there (surprisingly!) aren’t any officially licensed Fortnite Christmas ornaments available just yet. Still, the ornaments below are the highest-rated (and, in our opinion, best-looking) Fortnite ornaments available right now.


Fortnite Bauble Red Ornament

This Fortnite bauble ornament is a deep red color with a white vinyl printed Fortnite logo on it. It also comes with a sheer white ribbon. You can add personalization to it with their name for just an extra $2, but personally, I like the classic look of it without the name. It’s the standard bauble Christmas ornament size, coming in at 2.5″. If you want it to arrive by Christmas, all orders have to be placed by December 9th.

Price: $12.00

Buy it here

Fortnite Llama Ornament

fortnite llama ornament

This Fortnite Christmas ornament features the loot llama on a classic 3″ porcelain circle. It’s classic, and there are a few different variations available.

Price: $16.99

Buy it here

Fortnite Loot Llama Dome

fortnite loot llama ornament

This llama dome ornament is our #2 favorite on this list, as it features a cutesy llama set on a micro world, enclosed in a glass dome. It’s one of the best-selling Fortnite ornaments on Etsy. While it is a bit on the expensive side for an ornament, just note that it’s going to be one of their favorites every year.

Price: $35.00

Buy it here

Editor’s Choice: Boogie Bomb Ornament

fortnite boogie bomb ornament

This is by far our favorite Fortnite Christmas ornament available right now. It’s a 3D-printed Boogie Bomb ornament that illuminates. It measures nearly 5″ tall, so it’s quite sizeable. The LED lights are USB powered, and it comes with a 4-ft USB extension cord.

Price: $43.00

Buy it here

Fortnite Bus Wooden Ornament

fornite bus

All aboard the party bus! This Fortnite bus ornament is laser engraved right onto solid Maple or Cherry to resemble the bus seen in the game. It can be personalized with your child’s name, or it can be left blank. Measures approximately 3″ x 3.75″.

Price: $17.41

Buy it here

Skull Trooper Ornament

skull trooper fortnite ornament

This glass glitter ornament is a clear bauble filled with black glitter. On the bauble, you’ll find a white printed graphic of the Skull Trooper skin. The bauble is ~4″ in diameter, and it comes with the ribbon shown in the picture.

Price: $12.99

Buy it here

Loot Llama Figurine

fortnite loot llama figurine ornament

This is an awesome loot llama figurine that is made so that it can be hung on the Christmas tree. Super colorful, and it’s available with different colorways as well. It’s the most expensive ornament on this list, but that’s understandable when you factor in that it’s handmade and how detailed it is.

Price: $58.14

Buy it here

Pink Bear Skin Ornament

fortnite pink bear ornament

One of the fan-favorite Fortnite skins is the pink bear skin, made even more popular by Ninja (who used it for quite awhile while streaming on Twitch). This pink bear skin ornament is another simple porcelain ornament with the printed graphic on it.

Price: $16.99

Buy it here


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