Cool StuffFortnite Rainbow Smash Pickaxe Replica is Perfect for Cosplay

Fortnite Rainbow Smash Pickaxe Replica is Perfect for Cosplay

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If you’re looking for a designer that pays attention to the finer details, McFarlane Toys is the way to go. The company has proven through the years that their products are top notch, a trend that looks to continue following the reveal of their Fortnite Rainbow Smash Pickaxe.

The Fortnite Rainbow Smash Pickaxe takes the in-game pickaxe and brings it into the real world with a marvelous take. Fully extended, the Fortnite Rainbow Smash Pickaxe measures out at over 39 inches. So this isn’t some cheap child’s toy replica.

The design itself is reflective of the game’s iconic rainbow llama. McFarlane Toys notes that the Fortnite Rainbow Smash Pickaxe is comprised of PVC, as well as “glitter and magic” too. And the studio brought it to life with sculpting and paint inspired directly from its in-game counterpart, so you know the finer details are in order.

McFarlane’s Fortnite Rainbow Smash Pickaxe is currently available at ThinkGeek. The site is listing the prop for $49.99 before shipping costs are calculated. Be warned that McFarlane Toys¬†recommends it for ages 17 and up. And unfortunately for our foreign friends, shipping is only available to residents of the U.S. and Canada.

The Fortnite Rainbow Smash Pickaxe is far from the only toy or prop themed after the iconic battle royale title. Epic Games and Hasbro have collaborated to bring us the Nerf Fortnite AR-L this summer. We’ve seen a seriously impressive Battle Bus inflatable replica from Spirit Halloween. And the game was modified and rolled out as Fortnite Monopoly just a few months ago for board game enthusiasts.

But if you want to prove your worth as a Fortnite super fan, you’ve got to come correct with one of the game’s original pickaxes. And for just $49.99 you can do just that with McFarlane’s awesome replica.

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