Cool StuffFoundmi Bluetooth Trackers 2.0: Star Wars, Marvel, & More

Foundmi Bluetooth Trackers 2.0: Star Wars, Marvel, & More

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Nerdy Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Foundmi Bluetooth trackers are always a good idea come the holiday season if you plan on any travelling. Attach these little super heroes (or villains) to your stuff and you’ll have a much harder time losing anything.

**Foundmi sent us test units for review purposes and packaging details.

Foundmi devices can be attached to anything from your car keys to your luggage. Just remember to pair it with the Foundmi app on your phone and you can find it with the click of a button, or tap as it may be. As long as you have one half of the equation, Foundmi tracker or your phone, you can use the button to make the other beep.

There are many different styles available, including Superman, Thor, Chewbacca, Wonder Woman, Deadpool, and more.

In case you’re worried these little Foundmi devices won’t make enough noise in a crowded airport, they are quite loud and shrill. Much like a very old video game chime. Though to be completely honest, it reminds me of the satellite phone ringing in the third Jurassic Park movie — a sound that is sure to get my attention, at least.

In addition, each Foundmi comes with a small but powerful 3M sticker and keychain hole so that you can attach it to anything you like. The app works with any iOS or Android device, giving you plenty of options to pair multiple Foundmi to as many things as you’d like.

Each of these devices are priced at $16.00 USD to $24.99 USD, depending on which model you get. Darth Vader comes in as the cheapest, all the way up to Thor as the most expensive. All of them are designed in a very cute cartoon style.

The eyes are fairly large and all of them are smiling or smirking some way, save for Stormtrooper and Boba Fett. Their costumes are reminiscent of the comic books they came from more than their current appearance in the films.

Foundmi are unique among all tracking devices, being the only ones that are remotely nerdy and fun. Bright colors and iconic characters are far more easy to find than the other plain blue or white trackers available out there. Keep your stuff safe and nerdy this holiday and follow the link below for all your Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Foundmi options.

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