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Game of Thrones Paper Art Collection By Lovepop


Book or film, you’re sure to love this Game of Thrones Paper Art Collection By Lovepop of skill and dedication to paper art. Lovepop, a company founded by Wombi Rose and John Wise, began live with these two shipbuilders. Using “the slice form structure” of ship design and converting it into the art of kirigami, the products Lovepop produces are stunningly detailed and intricate.Game of Thrones Paper Art Collection By Lovepop

Kirigami, for those that may not know the term, is derived from the Japanese art of origami, only instead of folding paper into beautiful designs, kirigami cuts paper into the required shape. Slicegami is a term coined by Lovepop to describe their combination of shipbuilding techniques and the art of kirigami.

For Lovepop’s Game of Thrones series, there are five designs: Drogon and Daenerys, The Night King, the iron throne, Euron’s ship, and the Weirwood. There’s a little paint involved, but these figures are still very detailed.

There is, in fact, a little Daenerys riding Drogon. Everything is proportional and very high quality. The Night King riding his dragon looks a little more awkward than Daenerys, but still looking fierce. Let me point out that the scales of each dragon are not painted, they are in fact cut into the paper with a different colored paper underneath to make them pop.

The Weirwood is perhaps my favorite, however. There are leaves scattered at the base of the tree and the tree itself bleeds as it does in the show. In addition, the leaves are probably the most beautiful design of a maple leaf I have ever seen – that’s saying something as a Canadian. It’s simple, yet perfectly elegant. The Weirwood is definitely something I would have on display under glass, it’s just that beautiful.

Needless to say, the level of detail on each of these figures is beyond exceptional. With that in mind, they are not nearly as pricey as one might think. Individual figures are $15 USD each and can be bundled together for $50. They measure 5 inches wide and about 7 inches tall.

Price: $15.00 USD

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