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Giant Unicorn Float

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Jack Sparrow has the Black Pearl, Davy Jones has the Flying Dutchman, Black Beard has the Queen Anne’s Revenge, and now you too can have your own iconic ship to take on the high seas… the Sun Pleasure Party Bird Island Giant Unicorn Float! Or “SPPBIFUG” for short.

Become the envy of all your friends and family members, and instantly increase your romantic chances, with this ten-foot-tall colorful floating island. Crafted in the shape of a majestic unicorn, the float features a pristine white body punctuated by vibrant rainbow coloring on the mane, wings, and tail. Subtlety will not be on your side but when you are in a craft such as this, you will want to be noticed!

Unlike the mythical unicorns of old that could only seat a mere two (maybe three people if that person were a small child) before collapsing beneath the weight, this float is able to CARRY UP TO 6 PEOPLE! Yes, that’s right, with the large floor spacing and roomy seating areas, you can easily—and comfortably—fit up to six adults on this beast. And not only is there abundant seating, this float also comes with built-in cup holders and a cooler for all of you and your guests’ beverage needs.

The party won’t ever stop for you and your guests as you enjoy the float, sip on your drinks, and easily get in and out of the craft with the pre-installed durable handles and built-in platform that allows anyone to quickly climb back in after taking a swim.

You may be thinking that such a large item and fully featured item would be completely unmanageable and hard to travel with, but luckily, that is not the case! Whether it be the lake, the river, the ocean, or even your own pool, this float comes with its own pump and carry mesh accessories that allow you to quickly assemble and deflate it no matter the location.

The Sun Pleasure Party Bird Island Giant Unicorn Float is available here.

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