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Gremlins Christmas Sweater

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The Gremlins have multiplied and are showing you everything they’ve got on this red Christmas jumper, which makes for the perfect holiday sweater this season. This ugly Christmas sweater is the perfect fit for any holiday wardrobe. After all, Gremlins is a Christmas movie.

The iconic Flasher Gremlin leads the charge with his debaucherous style as a knitted shadow of teeth and eyes threaten to come down upon your peaceful abode. Hide the gifts, lock away the cutlery, and absolutely do not leave out any water.

As if it weren’t obvious, the words “The Gremlins Are Coming” is knitted above the image. At the elbow of the sleeves, you’ll find the iconic Gremlins logo. To accentuate the holiday spirit that the Gremlins bring, the sweater is decorated by a sprinkling of snowflakes and Gremlin footprints as well as patterned designs of snowflakes and Christmas trees. The back is a canvas of snowflakes and Gremlin feet against a dotted red background.

If you love a little chaos, there is nothing better than a gaggle of Gremlins, ready to tear apart your Christmas tree, rip open your mounds of presents, and douse themselves in water. You may even spot a mogwai or two, who, just as the clock strikes midnight, are going to gorge on all of the holiday ham you couldn’t pack into your stomach without stretching the sweater.

When the Gremlins get a little too rowdy, however, be sure to have a blender or microwave ready to dispatch them!

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