Cool Stuff21 Best Harry Potter Christmas Decorations: The Ultimate List

21 Best Harry Potter Christmas Decorations: The Ultimate List

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While everyone else decorates their homes and offices with the standard holiday decorations like Santa Clauses, snowmen, and all of the red and green stuff they can find, we like to do things differently here at Nerd Much?.

Everyone knows that we like to put a nerdy spin on our everyday lives with any cool nerdy stuff that we can, and around Christmas time, we get ultra nerdy; as if we mutate into our ultimate Christmas form, if you will.

One way to inject nerdiness into your holiday season is with Harry Potter-themed Christmas decorations. Here are the 21 best Harry Potter Christmas decorations we’ve found around the web:

1. Hogwarts Letter Pillow Cover

hogwarts letter pillow
This festive little throw pillow cover echos the hopes and dreams of every Potterhead since they started reading the books. For those of you who believe that perhaps the owl carrying your Hogwarts letter just got terribly lost, this festive Harry Potter Christmas pillow cover from AndersAttic is for you!

Each pillow cover measures approximately 20” x 20”. The machine-washable textile is 100% cotton, and the text is a durable, waterproof, heat-transfer vinyl. Choose from an all-white text, to contrasting the words “Hogwarts Letter” in a cool metallic gold. Just put this cover on over your usual couch throw pillows, and BAM! Instant geeky Christmas cheer. Why, it’s almost like magic.

Price: Starting at $26.25 (for all white text) via Etsy

Buy it here

2. Hogwarts Snow Globe

Hogwarts Snow GlobeHarry’s first Christmas at Hogwarts was really his first real Christmas ever. There was amazing food, and presents, and he got to spend time with people who actually cared about him. All these happy, magical memories were made while while snow swirled gently outside the windows of Hogwarts castle, and drifted down from the ceiling in the Great Hall. Add a little Hogwarts magic to your mantle this Christmas with the licensed Hogwarts Snow Globe, originally from the Wizarding World itself.

Now distributed by Sens8tional Savings, give this gorgeous little globe a shake and feel a little Christmas magic as you see the snow tumble around a miniature sculpture of Hogwarts Castle, as seen in the movies. The globe measures approximately 5½”, and is crafted out of resin and water-filled glass.

Price: $98.00/each via Amazon

Buy it here

3. The Sweater That Lived Throw

harry potter christmas decorations

Do you want to take your ugly Christmas sweater game up a notch? Give your couch one! This awesome design comes from Mandrie on Society6 and is enough to make a House Elves envious.

The throw is made from polyester and sherpa fleece, and comes in three sizes to ensure maximum coziness. The top features the excellent sweater-style design in rich colour saturation, while the other is a soft, plush white.

If throw blankets aren’t your thing, the design comes in several different formats, from throw pillows, to a comforter for your bed, to shirts (but sadly, no socks).

Price: $49.99/each via Society6

Buy it here

4. Etched Glass MACUSA Tree Ornament

Etched Glass MACUSA Tree Ornament

Although this one should have made the cut on my 21 Magical Harry Potter Christmas Tree Ornaments post last week, I bring you this gorgeous etched glass bauble from AlwaysLumosCreations. They are available individually or up to a set of four, so spread the magic!

This 3” x 3” clear glass ornament is etched on one side, and clear on the other, with the option to get etching on both sides. The etching is clearly detailed, and is a fantastic way to show off your witch or wizard pride to the local No-Majs. This piece also has the option for customization, available from the drop-down box.

Price: $8.00/each (separate prices for sets) via Etsy

Buy it here

5. Butterbeer and Christmas Cheer Banner

Butterbeer and Christmas Cheer Banner

Break out the holiday spirits with this cheerfully festive banner from PinkSlipInspiration. This made-to-order 12” x 10” banner is the perfect way to bring some holiday magic to your kitchen, dining room, or bar. If you don’t want one for yourself, then you can also get it as a gift for your favourite Potterhead.

This simple, charming design is printed on canvas, which itself can be customised to the color of your choice from the list supplied. The banner is supported at the top by a wooden dowel, and expertly finished along the bottom and edges.

Price: $19/each via Etsy

Buy it here

6. Harry Potter Places Lawn Sign

Harry Potter Places Lawn SignThe exterior of your house needs some holiday love too! Declare your Potterhead geekiness once and for all with this beautifully crafted lawn sign from HouserHouseCreations. This magical multi-directional sign is perfect to bring some Yuletide wonder to your neighbors and passers-by. Just imagine it dusted with snow!

This signpost stands an approximate 3½” tall and 14½” at its widest point, and comes with a 3” stake. You can also purchase an optional indoor state if you’d prefer to bring the magic inside. Each sign is engraved cedarwood that has been stained a beautiful dark espresso with the real wood colour showing through, and finished off with 3 coats of clear varnish.

Price: $78.75/each via Etsy

Buy it here

7. Fantastic Beasts Stocking

Fantastic Beasts Stocking

If Newt Scamander is more your thing, check out this Fantastic Beasts holiday stocking from ShinyRebellion. The bright turquoise and brown patterned fabric with a classic illustration are magical enough to bring the Threat Exposure to “high alert!”

These made-to-order stockings are patterned with a picture of a hand grasping a wand and pointing it skyward. The hand, presumably Scamander’s, is raised up out of a Newt’s suitcase with what appears to be a snake coiled around his wrist. The movie’s logo is in a slightly lighter brown shade around the suitcase, as well as in a lighter turquoise next to it. You can purchase the stocking with or without a cuff at the top.

Each stocking measures an approximate 18” x 8”, and is lined with a soft white fleece. Warm, as most things should be for the holidays, though this isn’t a sock you should be actually wearing. Be sure to keep the type of fabric in mind if you plan on slipping any chocolate in there and turning on your fireplace, though!

Price: $19.69/each (uncuffed) via Etsy

Buy it here

8. Handcrafted Yule Ball Sign

Yule Ball SignThere was no finer Christmas celebration at Hogwarts than the Yule Ball during Harry’s 4th year. The great hall was transformed into a winter wonderland, and even Filch enjoyed the festivities. This year, you can host your very own unforgettable Yule Ball, and commemorate it with this sign from HouserHouseCreations, whom you may recognize from item #6 on this list.

This pinewood sign features whimsical, digitally carved lettering and details. The smoothly-finished engravings are hand painted and stained a rich espresso brown for added contrast. The sign itself measures an approximate 22” x 11”, and is sealed by two coats of spray lacquer for longevity. Truly a fantastic, one-of-a-kind addition to any Potterhead’s holiday collection.

Price: $69/each via Etsy

Buy it here

9. Hogwarts House Wreath

Hogwarts House Wreath

Deck your halls in some colorful house pride this year that will be the talk of the season with this made-to-order Harry Potter wreath by KrenziCrafts.

This absolutely gorgeous creation features all eight house colors (two colors for each house) comprised of dyed burlap fabric. All four houses are connected together with a silver-trimmed ribbon that weaves throughout the entirety of the wreath. Accented by sprigs of glittering holiday berries in Gryffindor and Ravenclaw colours, and finished off with an adorable fluffy owl, this high-quality, highly-detailed wreath is certainly something to be proud of year-round.

Price: $72/each via Etsy

Buy it here

10. Marauder’s Gift Sack

Marauder’s Gift SackNaughty or nice, this gift-wrapping alternative by BRITISHHESSIANSHOP is sure to stand out under the Christmas tree this year. What’s more, personalize it with the name of your choice to add a little Christmas magic (or a little Christmas call-out to the family mischief-maker).

The main pattern on the front is the cover of the Marauders Map with the main Hogwarts building, the Whomping Willow, and school’s grounds. At the top of the pattern is written the password to the map, “I solemnly swear I am up to no good,” and a list of the Marauders’ nicknames.

These woven bags are made from 100% Hessian jute, and measure an approximate 19½” x 27½”. They are hand-printed, stitched and checked for optimal craftsmanship. The top of the sack is finished off with a festive ribbon.

Price: $17.58/each via Etsy

Buy it here

11. Hogwarts House Banner Stocking

Hogwarts House Banner StockingOnce upon a time, there was a stocking. It was the third child in its family and the most realistic of the three. It knew that the most efficient way to betray the school was to have all four house banners featured on it at once. You can tell the stocking betrayed the school by how the banners look singed and tattered.

Joking and call-outs aside, this 19” holiday Harry Potter stocking features banners of all four Hogwarts houses with, the aforementioned singing around the edges. Below the banners near the bottom of the foot is Hogwarts castle itself, as seen in The Sorcerer’s Stone movie, when Harry first approaches from across the lake. On the furred cuff is an embroidered Hogwarts crest, and the stocking itself is fuzzy on the inside. An excellent for the decoration for the slightly more serious Potterhead.

Price: $14.99 via ThinkGeek

Buy it here

12. Hogwarts Express Stocking Holder

Hogwarts Express Stocking Holder

With all the stockings on this list, you’re certainly going to need something to hold them all up with. Enter the lovely brushed silver stocking holder, through The Lucky Penny Collectibles, LLC. This stocking holder was once only found at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, but has since been spread across the globe by avid collectors. If you can’t yourself go to that magical corner of Florida, why, then you can bring the magic to you with this licensed memorabilia.

This lovely model is a beautifully detailed miniature of the engine from the movies, down to the rivets around the face. The train itself measures ½” x 4½” and the base of this metal stand measures approximately 4½” x 3”, with a sturdy, wide hook from which you can support your favourite stocking.

Price: $74.99 via

Buy it here

13. Quidditch Garland

Quidditch GarlandLooking for a way to capture your favorite magical sport this holiday season? Trim your tree with this handcrafted Quidditch garland from ggparties! Then you too will be able to experience the excitement of Harry chasing after the Golden Snitch in a dizzying spiral up (or down) your tree, dodging such dangers as lights or Christmas baubles. Can’t you just hear Lee Jordan’s commentary now?

You can choose between a 6’, 10’ or 15’ string of garland. Each broom-mounted wizard is approximately 6” long, and each Golden Snitch is an approximate 4”. The wizards are a black silhouette, and the snitches are sparkly gold, all of which are strung onto a thin black cord.

Price: starting at $9.00 (by size) via Etsy

Buy it here

14. Potion Bottle Fairy Lights

Potion Bottle Faerie LightsOne of the most beautiful scenes in the Goblet of Fire book was when Harry went out into the grounds during the Yule Ball, and all of the bushes were glittering with fairy lights. Now you too can deck your halls with magical fairy lights (disclaimer: the light may not actually be cast by fairies.)

KathyHandKrafts has cleverly designed a string of fairy lights that fit into carefully-labelled potion bottles, providing a whimsical way to light up your dungeon this Christmas. Each little bottle is labelled differently, such as “phoenix ashes,” “amortentia,” or, more heartbreakingly, “Snape’s memories.” The lights themselves come in three colours: blue, yellow, or pink, and can also be strung for a multicolored effect. The strings come in two lengths, either in a 20 light or a 40 light set.

Price: $27.73/string of 20 lights via Etsy

Buy it here

15. Personalized Marauders Harry Potter Stocking

Marauder's Map Stocking

Solemnly swear that you’ve been good this year, and you may find a Chocolate Frog or two come Christmastime in this beautifully detailed Harry Potter stocking.

Originally designed by Kurt Adler, this 18” officially licensed stocking comes to us by Knextion Inc. It features the front page of the infamous Marauder’s Map in striking detail, along with the now well-recited phrase “I solemnly swear I am up to no good.”

Customize the crushed velvet trim at the top with your name or moniker of choice and differentiate yourself from the muggles in your family, while managing a little mischief in the process.

Price: $19.99/each via Amazon

Buy it here

16. Hourglass Musical Water Globe

Hourglass Musical Water GlobeIf the last globe was a little too simple for you, give this one a try! This hourglass-shaped water globe features an incredible level of detail, from the crests circling the top, to the miniature painted scenes along the bottom, and gold wrapping around each pillar. Harry, Ron, and Hermione stand in the bottom bulb, wands at the ready, while in the top bulb, a fearsome Dementor looms. Turn the hourglass over and turn the key, and the original theme from the movies begins to play!

This one-of-a-kind collectible is manufactured by the esteemed San Francisco Music Box Company. You can’t find it from them anymore, though, so this keepsake is becoming quite the novelty! Perfect for the steadfast collector to showcase on their mantle at Christmas, or year-round!

Price: $299.99 via Amazon

Buy it here

17. Kurt Adler Collection Nutcracker

Kurt Adler Collection NutcrackerWhile this nutcracker isn’t exactly Harry Potter themed, nobody can argue that it bears a striking resemblance to a certain lovable Keeper of Keys. He’s even carrying a set! For the Potterhead who wants a bit of subtle geekery in their decor, this nutcracker is perfect. Certainly, every aspect of this nutcracker suggests Harry Potter without outright screaming it, from the scruffy hat atop his head, to the owl perched on his hand, to his general resemblance to Rubeus Hagrid.

Designed by renowned artist Holly Adler, this nutcracker measures approximately 4.9” x 4.3” x 15”, and features a blue andpurple-robedd wizard with a bejewelled staff, wrinkled, drooping hat, and wild brown-and-grey hair. In his other hand dangles a string of keys, and atop it perches a fluffy brown owl.

Price: $63.03/each via Amazon

Buy it here

18. Hogwarts Houses Wooden Lightbox

Hogwarts House Light Box

Light up your holiday season with this Hogwarts House light box from FireflyShopUA. Choose your wood and light colour preferences to personalize it to your tastes! Give your Christmas a bit of whimsy this year, as your lightbox cycles through all the house colours.

Each of these handmade tabletop light boxes are made from MDF wood and white acrylic, and are laser-cut for optimal detail. It includes a battery-operated RGB LED lamp (with batteries already included! Sweet!) Choose from a selection of one colour or changing colours, and watch your holiday season get a little merrier or brighter.

Price: $45.94/each via Etsy

Buy it here

19. Christmas at Hogwarts Candle

Christmas at Hogwarts CandleImagine the Great Hall at Christmastime. The warmth of hundreds of floating candles overhead, the glow from the 12 Christmas trees. A feast fit for kings lining each House table, with the warm scents of apple, and cinnamon, and cloves, and pumpkin wafting into every corner and crevice. The happy chatter of students just about ready to head home for the Holidays…

One of the great magics of the world is how scent can transport us to another place, time, or world completely. With the WickstockCandleCo 4oz soy candle, you can be transported to Christmas at Hogwarts. This excellent, clean-burning candle rests in a tin that measures approximately 1.7” x 2½”, and comes with a lid for easy storage. The candle itself will burn for an approximate 20 hours, infusing your home with the relaxing fragrances of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, apples, and pumpkin.

Price: $7.49/each via Etsy

Buy it here

20. Harry Potter House Inspired Tree Skirts

Harry Potter House Inspired Tree SkirtsWant to show off your house pride while keeping the Christmas Tree needles off the floor (mostly)? Now you can save your House Elves some post-Christmas work with these Harry Potter inspired Christmas tree skirts from DiversifiedDesignsTX.

This hand-stitched 48” ripple-patterned skirt (Slytherin shown) combines the two House colours of your preference in a gorgeous example of crochet mastery. The skirt is made from 100% acrylic yarn and is machine washable, with two ties along one radius for easy and neat set-up and take-down each year.

Not Slytherin? No problem. The description box on the page can link you to the respective Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw tree skirts too!

Price: $55/each via Etsy

Buy it here

21. Butterbeer Candles

Butterbeer CandlesKick back and relax this holiday season with a frothy mug of butterbeer. If you can’t make it to the Three Broomsticks this year, then perhaps these butterbeer-scented candles by CryBabyCuties will suffice.

This soy candle appropriately comes in a lidded mason jar mug emblazoned with a Butterbeer logo. The wax is bi-coloured, a rich orange for most, with a foamy white on top, reminiscent of actual butterbeer recipes. According to the creator, this candle features “depth of smell,” which means the scent of it changes as it burns down, bringing a bit of its own magic to your holiday season.

Price: $33.84/each via Etsy

Buy it here

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