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Hodor Holding the Door Funko Pop!

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Hodor hodor hodor hodor? Hodor! Hodor.

Ahem—Sorry, there was something stuck in my throat. What I was trying to say was…

Remember the days when talking about Game of Thrones did not ignite a flame war and grief session? When you could theorize about what would happen next and happily look forward to the twists and turns to come? Yeah, we here at Nerd Much? struggle to think back on those times too, but items such as this sure do help to heal the wounds.

The Game of Thrones Hodor Holding the Door Deluxe Pop! Vinyl Figure, created by Funko and sold by Entertainment Earth, helps us to look fondly back on the world’s former favorite television show. Recreating the iconic and heartbreaking death of Hodor, this figure features the renowned craftsmanship that Funko is known for. With the branched stone walls, grasping hands, and terror-stricken Hodor, this figure looks as if it is experiencing the mind-melting, time-traveling, warg trip of Bran, the Three-Eyed Raven.

Whether this item will be your first dip into the wonderful world of pop culture memorabilia, or this will join a legion of collectibles, a Funko Pop! Vinyl figure is never a bad idea. This would pair excellently with any and all Game of Thrones-themed items, or even make the perfect bookend or decorative piece for an office or study room.

So, what are you doing? There is only so much precious time left before the only memories you have of Game of Thrones are bad ones. Do not let the Night King destroy your history; hold onto the seasons that you hold dear and commemorate the good times with this recreation of one of Season 6’s most impactful and emotional moments.

The Hodor Holding the Door Funko Pop is available on Amazon.

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