Cool StuffHunt A Killer Box: Monthly Murder Mysteries to Solve

Hunt A Killer Box: Monthly Murder Mysteries to Solve

Price: $33 per episode

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On the tourist island of Mallory Rock, a woman’s body washes ashore. Police immediately rule the case an accident, suspecting the victim, Beth, fell from a bluff and drowned, but her sister Gwen knows there’s more beneath the surface. Now, she’s sending you all the evidence she can find and is enlisting you to solve the murder. Do you think you can crack the case?

With Hunt A Killer, you can raise your weekly game nights to a whole new level. Sift through physical evidence and interactive digital gameplay to expose secrets, interrogate suspects, and put your true crime talents to the test. You can even choose from three gameplays to find what works best for you and your detective crew.

When you buy a Hunt A Killer Membership, you’ll dive into cases like Beth’s over the course of six months. Boxes of character alibis, police reports, hidden clues, and filmed episodes will help you and your trusty partners in crime solve even the toughest of mysteries.

Or are you more in the mood for one intense sleuthing session? Buy a Hunt A Killer Box Set and receive 10–15 hours of gameplay all at once.

And if you’d instead rather solve a quick case in just 2–10 hours, Hunt A Killer’s Premium options allow you to choose between cases of various difficulty. There are even family-friendly storylines, so little gumshoes can get in on the fun!

With cases ranging from Mallory Rock to Agatha Christie-inspired incidents, there’s something for everyone with Hunt A Killer. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today, put on your thinking caps, and lose yourself in this immersive murder mystery subscription game.

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