Cool StuffHunt-A-Killer Box: A Murder Mystery Game Experience

Hunt-A-Killer Box: A Murder Mystery Game Experience

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Become a detective without any of that pesky schooling with a unique and immersive murder mystery subscription box by the name of Hunt-A-Killer. Hunt A Killer puts you in the shoes of a gifted detective set out to solve a gruesome murder. You know, the kind of evening you put the kids to bed for. 

This box of goodies sets the scene for an unsolved murder. Hired by a private investigator, it’s up to you (and your friends or family)  to dig through a pilot of evidence to find the identity of the killer. Hunt A Killer is a whole new experience you’ve never had within your own four walls, and the story crafted by in-house writers and designers is sure to keep you guessing until everything finally comes together.

Every monthly Hunt-A-Killer box features a new investigation that unravels over six episodes. With each box, you’ll chip away at your list of suspects as you decipher clues and put your code decryption skills to use. Police reports, images, audio files, surveillance photos, and so much more help point you in the right direction. If you find yourself stumped, Hunt A Killer participants have access to exclusive forums and official groups where other detectives come together to share clues and theories on the killer’s identity.

For the next game night you host, don’t break out the Monopoly board. Do something that won’t end with fake money scattered about. Hunt A Killer is a great group activity with plenty of clues and ciphers to be passed around. Everyone can have a role in this interactive experience, which brings the excitement and puzzles of an escape room right into your home. Liven things up with the “detective playlist” and drink recipes. 

Finally, live up to that dream of becoming a bona fide police detective with a mysterious box of murder delivered right to your front door every month! It’s also the PERFECT date night solution to your typical boring date nights, especially if you love solving murder mysteries with your significant other.

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