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Justice League High Back Chair

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Stolen straight from the Hall of Justice before Brother Eye could catch on, this Justice League High Back Upholstered Chair would make the perfect gift for any young DC Comics superfan.

Does your kid love the fastest man alive? Maybe they are fans of the embodiment of truth, justice, and the hope of tomorrow? Or quite possibly your kid is the dark and brooding type, one prone to scowling and standing on rooftops in the dead of night? Either way, this chair features the cleanly detailed and colored profiles of The Flash, Superman, and Gotham’s Dark Knight: Batman!

The three heroes’ faces are on proud display on the chair’s back, and their logos feature prominently on the seat itself. Featuring art that appears to be in the style of Rags Morales, this is no low-quality item but rather a piece that looks as is if it jumped straight off the comic page and into your home.

Recommended for kids aged 3 to 6 years old, this high back upholstered chair is designed with a padded back and padded armrests in order to ensure the coziest, kid-sized spot that is perfect for reading comics or pondering how to take down the Legion of Doom. With its height of 25”, width of 21.5”, and depth of 22”, this chair could easily fit anywhere and everywhere.

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As anyone who has experience with kids can attest, children have the superpowers of destruction and dirtiness; if they don’t break an item or break themselves, you can bet on them at least making a mess. Luckily, the chair has been built with those powers in mind. With a pine, hardwood inner frame, a weight capacity of 100lbs, and material that is easily cleaned with mild soap and water, this chair meets and exceeds all safety standards set by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission).

The Justice League High Back Upholstered Chair is currently available on Amazon. Some assembly is required.

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