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LEGO Home Alone Set

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“You can be too old for a lot of things, but you’re never too old to be afraid.”

You’re also never too old to spend hours building with LEGOs, which is why the LEGO Home Alone Set is the perfect gift for adults wanting to celebrate their favorite Christmas movie in a special way this season.

The 3,955 pieces that create this iconic movie house are divided into 24 bags, so you can open one each day leading up to December 25 as a fun Christmas countdown. It also comes complete with five mini-figures—Kevin, his mom Kate, burglars Harry and Marv, and “Old Man” Marley—and recognizable details and props from the movie. 

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“This is my house. I have to defend it.” You can do exactly this when you recreate your favorite Home Alone scenes. Crank up Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree and throw Kevin’s fake holiday party, complete with a moving LEGO cutout of Michael Jordan. Equip Marv with his handy crowbar and change out Marv’s LEGO head to make him look like he’s taken an iron to the face. 

Set Buzz McCallister’s tarantula loose, torch Harry’s head, or have Kevin slap aftershave onto his face in the bathroom. And of course, help the boy make his daring escape from the robbers as he ziplines to his treehouse. In addition to the backyard staple, this set even comes with Marv and Harry’s “Oh-Kay Plumbing & Heating” modular van, so they can stake out the site before facing their downfall.

Buy this LEGO Home Alone Set today, and keep the change, ya filthy animal!

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