Cool StuffLEGO Sanctum Sanctorum is Available Now

LEGO Sanctum Sanctorum is Available Now

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Dormammu, we’ve come to bargain! 

This three-story, 360-degree recreation of Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange’s infamous Sanctum Sanctorum from LEGO is a perfect purchase (or gift!) for fans wanting to add a little magic to their homes. And measuring over 12.5 inches tall, 12.5 inches wide, and 10.5 inches deep, it’s sure to be an eye-catcher on any table, bookshelf, or desk. 

Trust us, there’s nothing strange about an adult building LEGOs. In fact, this 2,708-piece Sanctum Sanctorum from LEGO was specifically designed with Marvel enthusiasts 18 years and older in mind. Its modular design lets you change layouts completely, and you’ll recognize authentic details and items straight from the movies. The Seal of Vishanti symbol is displayed proudly on the iconic top-floor window. The third floor is home to Dr. Strange’s vast array of mystical artifacts. The library even features portals to alternate worlds!

But perhaps the most fun part of this Sanctum Sanctorum from LEGO is that it comes with nine mini-figures, so you can easily stage moments from your favorite Marvel films. Recreate Iron Man, Wong, and Dr. Strange’s Avengers: Infinity War showdown with Squidward—we mean, Ebony Maw!

Let Dr. Strange and Sinister Strange make sweet, sweet music together as they did in Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness. Take a page from Spider-Man: No Man Home, and have Spider-Man show up at the sorcerer’s doorstep. Maybe your Sanctum Sanctorum is located in Earth-838, and Mordo’s its occupant. Or perhaps Scarlet Witch and Dead Strange are engaging in a dreamwalk battle.

The possibilities are endless (much like the Multiverse), when it comes to this LEGO set. Get yours today . . . unless you’re afraid!

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