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Logitech Pro X Headset – Available Now!

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Picture this: you and one of your teammates are in-game, the clock is ticking down and the objective is just ahead. Three of your group have already been taken out and there is only one enemy team member remaining. The only problem is that he is the highest-ranked person in the game and he seems to be able to get headshots like someone using an aimbot.

You approach the point with your teammate in tow and stop at the corner to listen for footsteps but your headset this low hum to them so you can not quite hear properly. You try to speak to your teammate and suddenly your mic cuts out and before you have a chance to type out what’s happening, the enemy has knifed your teammate and shot you in the head. Yet, another game lost because of a shoddy headset.

If that scenario hasn’t happened to you before, it will! Or at least something similar. That is, of course, unless you are using the Logitech Pro X Gaming Headset with Blue Vo!ce.

I’ve been using this headset for the past few weeks for my nightly gaming sessions (we’ve been super into Overwatch comp lately), and it’s, hands-down, THE best-sounding gaming headset I’ve tested. What really makes it a standout, though, is the EQ settings you can toy with. You can not only adjust the equalization and sound settings for the incoming chat and sounds, but you can also adjust your outgoing voice to make yourself sound WAY better to your team. It’s fantastic – now, my incompetent teammates can actually hear me when I tell them they’re hot garbage!

pro x software

The Logitech Pro X will, to put it simply, revolutionize the way you communicate while playing video games. Featuring cutting edge Blue Vo!ce mic technology, memory foam enhanced padding, and next-gen surround sound powered by DTS Headphone X 2.0, you will never again miss out on a single sound in-game and your voice will sound as clear as freshly cleaned glass. With programmable profiles, you have the freedom to tailor each profile to a specific game and if you are struggling to find the perfect settings, you have the option of connecting to G HUB Gaming Software in order to use the same profiles that the professionals use.

Currently, on sale here, the Logitech Pro X additionally comes with a carrying bag to carry itself and all included accessories (advanced sound card, PC cable with inline audio, and a mobile cable with inline mic).

Generally speaking, the headset has a sort of music studio-esque physical design to it, looking like something you might find on a sound console. There are no LEDs to speak of – which is kind of a bummer in my eyes – but that’s just a minor downside when you factor in just how damn beautiful they sound.

Because of its high-quality sound, an unprecedented level of EQ settings, and ease of use, the Logitech Pro X gaming headset definitely gets the Nerd Much? seal of approval.

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