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Marvel Advent Calendar With Pocket Pops!

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Funko is changing the game on Advent calendars again this year. No more chocolate shaped Wise Men in the cardboard Advent calendar of yester-year that your mom kept on top of the fridge and looked like something out of one of the Christmas books you read at Grandma’s house. Funko is modernizing the Advent Calendar scene by celebrating the 80th anniversary of Marvel comics with a Marvel Pocket Pop! Advent Calendar (available here for pre-order).

The Marvel Pocket Pop! Advent Calendar is designed to start on December 1st and finish on Christmas Eve. Each day opens up to a new and exciting Pocket Pop with your favorite Marvel character inside. This could potentially include Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Wolverine, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and more.

What better way to celebrate the 80th year of Marvel Comics than to enjoy a new Marvel Pocket Pop each day of December? Each calendar contains a random selection of 24 Mini Pocket Pops chosen for you from the Funko Marvel Pocket Pop Selection. These Mini Marvel Pocket Pops are meant for the Marvel lover three years and older in your life.

This Advent celebration piece can be preordered on for $54.99 and will be shipped out in October (subject to delays for production time). This means it will be there in plenty of time to kick off your Advent celebration as you prepare for Christmas. $54.99 may seem like a steep increase from the $5 Smiling Shepherd Advent Calendars we got when we were kids, but it is a value that can’t be beaten, considering the cost of individual Pocket Pops.

Each individual Pocket Pop on averages $10.99, so this Advent calendar is actually a really good deal. This is perfect for the Marvel or Pocket Pop lover in your life. Help them start or build up their collection by pre-ordering your Marvel Pocket Pop Advent Calendar today!

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