Cool StuffThe Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet is DOPE!

The Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet is DOPE!

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Somebody has to take over for Iron Man. Since Spider-Man wasn’t ready and Mysterio turned out to be a villain, who does that leave? Nick Fury is too crass, Captain America wouldn’t want it, and Professor Hulk would just break the armor. Maybe, with this Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet, you could start training as Stark’s replacement!

The screen-accurate electronic helmet is a full-sized, wearable unit with some of the funky gadgets of Stark’s suit. Sure, you won’t be firing off missiles, but there is a detachable faceplate and illuminated eyes. The helmet is also equipped with sound effects pulled straight from the MCU movie universe.

This life-sized Iron Man helmet may be a mere tribute to the real thing, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Before long, you, too, will be donning state-of-the-art technology and taking on the most villainous kretins ever to arrive on Earth.

Made from plastic, the Marvel Legends Iron Man helmet is ideal for cosplay or for kids that want to run around as an Avenger. All it takes is 3 AAA batteries to bring Tony Stark’s invention to life. If you aren’t looking to wear this licensed helmet, then it will make for a really cool display piece among your other Marvel collectibles.

Iron Man comes to life off the silver screen with this plastic electronic replica. Though it may be made of plastic, a lustrous finish gives the helmet the appearance of metal. Bad guys may not be able to distinguish between your electronic costume piece and the advanced alloy of Iron Man’s iconic suit.

Incredible attention to detail ensures there is plenty to admire on this electronic Iron Man helmet.

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