Cool StuffMarvel Nalgene Bottles Will Have You Drinking All of Your Daily Water

Marvel Nalgene Bottles Will Have You Drinking All of Your Daily Water

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People simply don’t drink enough water — I know I personally don’t. What helps me get the most water every day is filling up a water bottle and keeping it with me all day so that I can gulp as needed. I won’t stress to you the importance of water for our body, but I will present you with one way that’s certain to get you, as a fellow nerd, to drink more of it: Marvel Nalgene Bottles.

Nalgene has teamed up with Marvel to create some of the geekiest water bottles we’ve seen, and it’s just another reason for us to want to drink our water. There are quite a few different classic character bottles available, including 32 ounce clear bottles with Hulk, Iron Man, Daredevil, Black Widow, Black Panther, Captain America, and the Amazing Spider-Man, to name a few.

There are also a handful of colorized bottles, including a couple red Spider-Man bottles, blue Captain America bottles, and a green Incredible Hulk option. Hopefully, Nalgene will make more of these colorized versions happen soon, because frankly, they’re just that much cooler.

Also, we’d love to see some colorized bottles featuring villains. Obviously, the potential is there with classic villains like a green Green Goblin bottle, a purple Thanos bottle, a red Magneto, etc. Hell, we’d even love to throw some capes on these for added geekiness.

Each of the 32 ounce bottles are $15.00, and there are a few kids Nalgene bottles as well for $12.99. They’re all BPA-free, of course., and have a wide-mouth opening for easy filling.

So, if there’s one way to get nerds to drink more water, it’s throw a Spider-man logo on it. They can be purchased on Amazon or via the official Nalgene Shop.

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