Cool StuffMarvel String Lights: Spider-Man, Deadpool, & Captain America

Marvel String Lights: Spider-Man, Deadpool, & Captain America

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Designed after their Funko Pop! counterparts, these Marvel String Lights are sure to complete your holiday season! Each superhero comes in a set of ten lights and the length of the string totals about 7 feet, so don’t expect to cover your whole tree with one string. Every bulb or head on the string is approximately two inches tall, which is about the same as a normal Pop! figure.

Luckily, buying more than one (or the whole series) comes at the reasonable price of $19.99 USD each. Furthermore, nothing can limit your creative use of these lights when they can be placed outside or inside. String them around the front door or beloved lawn ornament, these lights are just long enough to go anywhere.

The Deadpool and Spider-Man lights are strings of their heads, a slightly more simple version of their average Pop! figure. The Captain America lights are the only ones that are a little different from the current version seen in Infinity War. These lights feature a Captain America costume from the first movie, as can be seen by the tell-tale light blue and the letter A on his forehead.

The great thing about these lights is that they are not overtly Christmas themed – no red or green in sight. This is perfect for the hardcore nerds among us who want to have their favorite superheroes on display all year round. Or for those of us who can’t be bothered to take down the lights every year, keep them on light lawn ornaments or the perfect living room decor.

All Marvel string lights are available now at Entertainment Earth, your one-stop online shop for everything nerdy. For those who like to shop around, Entertainment Earth provides one of the best deals around.

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