Cool StuffMeural Canvas: Smart Art for Your Home

Meural Canvas: Smart Art for Your Home

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It’s no secret that we love smart home stuff here at Nerd Much?, but one thing you probably haven’t gathered from us yet is our love of art. While we mostly feature pop culture-related art, it should be noted that we love art in general.

So when those two things came together with the Meural Canvas, a smart-enabled art frame for your home or business, we had to share it.

The Meural Canvas makes art cool, essentially allowing you to have hundreds of different canvas-quality prints with one art installation in your home. It’s a smart art frame that actually renders art in lifelike and textured images. Just looking at it, you can’t tell that it’s not real canvas and paint with the naked eye – seriously, it’s that lifelike.

The frame can be controlled with hand gestures or with the app, and it also works with Amazon’s Alexa if you have an Echo in your home. Best of all, scrolling through the different prints on your phone renders them instantaneously on the Meural Canvas, without delay.

It comes stock with 100+ images to choose from and scroll through, and you can upload your own artwork.

And that’s where it really piqued our interest – the fact that you can upload your own artwork. That means you can mix in your own images for the large display, which makes it great for businesses as well.

It has an elegant design that gives your home a sophisticated look.

It might be a bit on the expensive side for some, but when you factor in just how expensive paintings can be and how many you’re getting here, it’s really not so bad.

It’s available to buy on Amazon now with three frame options available: black, white, or winslow (wood).

Want more ridiculously cool stuff to blow your rent money on? We’ve got you covered – check out more cool stuff.

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