Cool StuffmyCharge UnPlugged 10K Wireless Qi Charger

myCharge UnPlugged 10K Wireless Qi Charger

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How many wireless phone chargers does there REALLY need to be on the market, am I right? In 2018, we wouldn’t be surprised if 90% of you reading this already have a wireless phone charger lying around in drawer somewhere that you hardly ever use.

And, honestly, the thought of writing about just a new wireless charger sort of bores me to tears. I mean – how much different could this one be from the rest that you’ve seen, right?

Wrong, actually. The myCharge UnPlugged 10K (10K for 10,000mAh) wireless Qi charger is THE best we’ve tried on the market so far. It’s a rare case of a company’s claims actually coming into fruition with the product you’re holding in your hand. The myCharge UnPlugged claims to charge your phone quickly, and it ACTUALLY does.

Many chargers we’ve tried claim to be fast charging but actually charge much slower than the OEM charger that came with the phone.

mycharge unplugged 10k

That’s not the case with the UnPlugged 10K. It’s a portable charger that actually charges at the same rate as my OEM charger, meaning my phone can get some life back into it quickly when I’m on the go.

It’s also certified to qi standards, which means it’ll auto-detect your phone within 1.8 seconds of you placing it on the wireless charger so that you know whether or not you placed it properly.

And then, there’s the look of the UnPlugged that deserves a bit or praise as well. It’s sleek, and all-white with rounded edges. It looks like it belongs in a futuristic sci-fi movie.

Anyway, it gets the Nerd Much? seal of approval because it’s a quality product, and if you’re in the market for a new wireless Qi charger, you should check out the myCharge UnPlugged. Available on Amazon now.

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