Cool StuffNational Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Pop! Figure 2PK

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Pop! Figure 2PK

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There is nothing quite like the classic film National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and now you can memorialize it with these Funko Pop! figures of Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie, available exclusively in a 2-pack from FYE. They come as a pair for only $24.99 USD and just like most vinyl Pop! figures, stand at 3.75 inches tall.National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Pop! Figures

If you don’t quite recall, these two characters may be family but they couldn’t have less in common. Griswold is the picture of upper middle class family life, with the perfect amount of children, egg nog in hand, and of course, Christmas decorations to outshine anyone. Cousin Eddie, however, does not fit in to that picture. He has just one too many children (with another on the way), chews on a cigar, and drinks beer regardless of what time of day it is.

The Pop! figure of Griswold wears a his perfect Christmas outfit: a red Santa hat and red Santa jacket over his work clothes. Nothing like a blue tie, blue collared shirt, grey trousers, and fine brown loafers to really show how put together and perfectly under control Griswold is. He is the epitome of the perfect Christmas dad, most especially with the egg nog he drinks out of a moose’s head.

In great contrast, the Pop! figure of Cousin Eddie wears a very non-festive trapper hat, white bath robe with a blue trim, and black loafers with black soaks pulled up high. Beer in hand and cigar lit, Cousin Eddie is more the picture of a different social class.

But because he is family, Griswold welcomes him anyway and hopes that he can keep his extended family under some kind of control. Griswold needs that perfect Christmas, after all, complete with the best lights, decorations, and tree possible. Well, maybe a little impossible too, he did pick a tree that was far too tall for his home and used so many lights he took out an entire city grid.

Want more ridiculously cool nerdy Christmas stuff? Stay tuned to our hub. And if you want to know exactly when National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation will be on TV this year, check out our Christmas movies on TV 2017 schedule here.

Price: $24.99 USD

Buy it here.

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