Cool Stuff21 Super Cool Nerdy Jackets To Beat This Miserable Winter

21 Super Cool Nerdy Jackets To Beat This Miserable Winter

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Christmastime may be over, but at least for the northern parts of the world, frigid temperatures and scraping car windshields are a pitiful reminder that winter is still in full swing. If you’re shopping around for a new coat, or maybe looking ahead wistfully to the days when only a light jacket will suffice, then look no further!

You’ve been giving to everyone else this holiday season, now it’s time to treat yo’ self with a new, awesomely nerdy jacket! We’ve perused the web to find the coolest geeky winter coats, so check out our top 21 nerdy coats and jackets (for everyone) below!

1. Assassins Creed Syndicate Leather Jacob Frye Hooded Trench CoatAssassin's Creed Syndicate Jacob Frye trench coat

Have you ever wanted to run through the streets of Industrial Revolution-era London, wantonly shoving people out of the way and occasionally hanging onto the side of random buildings for no apparent reason?

Yeah, us neither. But this jacket, though!

Now you can at least look the part of an assassin with this replica of Jacob Frye’s leather jacket from Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. This beautiful, double-breasted brown trench coat is made from 100% real leather, with an interior viscose lining and detachable hood. The coat features button closure and four pockets, two exterior and two interior for functionality. Quilting along the lapels and down the back of the jacket add dimension, as do the straps at the shoulders and waist. There’s even a belt-pouch for all your assassination needs.

Price: Starting at $124.98/each via Amazon

Buy the Assassins Creed Syndicate Leather Jacob Frye Hooded Trench Coat

2. Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Moto JacketGuardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Moto Jacket

Plug in your Awesome Mix Tape (Vol. 1 or 2, we don’t really mind which) and get ready for your next dance off with this Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired leather moto jacket.

This faux lambskin leather jacket is based on the iconic red jacket worn by Peter Quill (aka Star Lord) himself. Featuring a front-zipper closure with a “Awesome Mix Vol. 2” cassette zipper pull, and a “yeah baby/ gear shift” interior lining (not pictured) you’re sure to be almost as cool as Kevin Bacon.

The jacket has two zipped chest pockets and two side pockets for easy stashing (either infinity stones or walkmans) and the cuffs have two snap-positions for better comfort and fit. The upper left-hand side of the jacket above the pocket bears a Guardians pin, making sure everyone knows what you do with such style.

Price: $54.99/each via ThinkGeek

Buy the Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Moto Jacket here

3. Demogorgon Souvenir JacketDemogorgon Souvenir Jacket

Whether you’re paying homage to Dungeons & Dragons or something far Stranger, this jacket is for you. Featuring the notorious Demogorgon in old-school rendering, this poly-blend jacket is sure to let everyone know who’s the baddest demon on the block.

With a snap-button front and two side pockets for hands or dice, this “Prince of Demons” jacket is perfect for your next Campaign. The jacket also features the Dungeons & Dragons logo on the upper left-hand side of the chest, and black-and-white banding at the wrists, waist, and neck for that truly 1980’s feel.

Price: $49.99/each via ThinkGeek

Buy the Demogorgon Souvenir Jacket here

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4. Star Wars Skywalker Rebel Leader Ladies’ JacketStar Wars Skywalker Rebel Leader Ladies' Jacket

Show your rebel colors with this ladies’ rendition of Luke Skywalker’s Bespin fatigues from The Empire Strikes Back.

This jacket’s got all sort of tricks up its sleeves, such as the storm-flap over the zipper, and the six (count them, ladies, six) pockets. Two side-seam waist pockets, two chest patch pockets, one sleeve patch pocket, and one 6″ square zippered interior pocket are sure to warm your rebellious heart.

The jacket also has an interchangeable badge feature on the left sleeve, starting you out with a topical view of an Alliance Starbird and an X-Wing. The interior is lined satin, and depicts a painting of Luke Skywalker himself.

Price: $189.99/each via ThinkGeek

Buy the Star Wars Skywalker Rebel Leader Ladies’ Jacket here

5. Doctor Who 11th Doctor Ladies’ PeacoatDoctor Who 11th Doctor Ladies’ Peacoat

Leap confidently into any new adventure with this beautiful purple tweed and wool blend frock coat, inspired by the 11th Doctor’s fabulous sense of style.

The coat features a corduroy collar, and a rich aubergine interior lining. You’ll have a choice of six pockets to store away gloves, keys, or Sonic Screwdrivers: 4 pockets on the inside, 2 large and 2 average size, and one smaller pocket on the exterior chest.

Whether you’re running from Daleks, or trying to make the perfect soufflé, this coat is sure to keep you warm. Though this particular coat is styled for our female Timelords, don’t you worry, gents. There’s a men’s version available for you too, with just enough waist-tailoring to make your significant other say “Hello Sweetie.”

Note: This jacket is 80% wool.

Price: $399.99/each via ThinkGeek

Buy the Doctor Who 11th Doctor Ladies’ Frock Coat here

Buy the Doctor Who 11th Doctor Gentlemen’s Frock Coat here

6. DC Wonder Woman Canvas Cargo Women’s JacketDC Wonder Woman Canvas Cargo Jacket

By now, we’ve all agreed that Wonder Woman is sensational, and not just because it’s a box office hit. Now with the release date for Wonder Woman 2 announced for 2019, people across the world are looking to Diana Prince (and by extension, Gal Gadot) as a symbol of hope.

Now, you too can bring out your inner Amazon (while still keeping your secret identity) with this canvas cargo jacket from This fully lined, navy blue jacket is 100% cotton twill, which makes it a perfect light jacket for the coming springtime weather. Some superpowers… I mean special features, include a snap-button flap overlaying the zipper front, a total of five snap-flap pockets, and an interior drawcord to cinch the waist.

Additional features include custom debossed buttons and zipper-pull, a repeating pattern of Wonder Woman’s symbol and stars on on the lining, and an attached hood to temper the raging gale of injustice.

Price: $69.99/each via

Buy the DC Wonder Woman Canvas Cargo Jacket here

7. DC Comics The Joker Wool Women’s CoatDC Comics The Joker Wool Women’s Coat

Laugh in the face of sub-zero temperatures (haha get it?) with this rich purple wool coat, stylised after Gotham’s most chaotic evil clown.

Fashioned after the Joker’s iconic purple suit, this frock coat is classy and sassy, with a button-down front and two side pockets. The interior lining has a repeating “Hahaha” pattern, but don’t worry; insanity isn’t contagious. Just ask Dr. Quinzel.

Note: This jacket is 50% wool

Price: $99.99/each via

Buy the DC Comics The Joker Wool Women’s Coat here

8. Marvel Iron Man Secret Identity JacketMarvel Iron Man Secret Identity Jacket

If you want to not be like Tony Stark and not blow your secret identity within hours of getting it, then this jacket is for you. So, just what makes this jacket go from standard to super? Why, it’s the custom buttons embossed with the Iron Man logo, as well as the comic book panel interior lining.

This cotton twill canvas jacket has all the flair of Stark industries while maintaining a low enough profile that even SHIELD is impressed (we should probably thank Pepper Potts for that). With a snap-button close and rib-knit collar, cuffs and hem to keep the breeze out, this jacket is perfect for a night out on the town, or jogging to make it to that early morning thermonuclear astrophysics class.

Price: $44.99/each via

Buy the Marvel Iron Man Secret Identity Jacket here

9. The Legend of Zelda Hooded Jacket by Poetic WalkThe Legend of Zelda Hooded Jacket by Poetic Walk

Whether you’re walking the ruins of Snowpeak, or just down the street, this poly-cotton blend hoodie is sure to keep you warm. With a furred lining all the way down the arms, it’s the perfect light winter jacket for those days where a parka just isn’t necessary.

This grey and black sweater-jacket features a front zip-close and two side pockets. The hood has a drawstring to tighten around your head should you need, the waist and wrists have a rib-knit weave to keep out the cold. The interior lining is fuzzy and extends from waist to hood, and all the way through the arms.

The Legend of Zelda crest (á la Twilight Princess) is emblazoned on the back, and the Triforce rests on the left breast. More subtle than some, but still flying that geek flag high.

Price: $54.99/each via Amazon

Buy The Legend of Zelda Hooded Jacket by Poetic Walk here

10. Firefly Brown Coat ReplicaFirefly Brown Coat Replica

Stay shiny with this officially licensed replica of Captain Malcom Reynold’s infamous brown long coat from Firefly

With a suede exterior and a smooth leather-lined interior, you can chase the horizon, while staying warm and look dandy while doing it. this coat features custom-created brass buckles that replicate the buckles found on Captain Mal’s actual jacket.

This double-breasted jacket is perfect for cosplaying, or just go on daily errands. I swear on my pretty floral bonnet.

Price: $399.99/each via ThinkGeek

Buy the Firefly Brown Coat Replica here

11. Fantastic Beasts Newt Scamander OvercoatFantastic Beasts Newt Scamander Overcoat

Gentlemen, show your sensitive side with the coat made famous by everyone’s favourite Magizoologist from the Harry Potter universe. Whether it’s for cosplay or just because you look really good in a teal frock coat, you can now take a step back into the 1920’s and show your Puff pride old school in these stylish duds.

This double-breasted polyester coat features faux leather accents at the cuffs and pockets, and a satin lining in olive green. There are two side pockets with flaps, and a handy wand pocket for all you wizards to get by in No-Maj society undetected. Finished off with a cinch at the back and fabric-covered buttons, you’ll be strutting in style.

Price: Starting at $79.90/each via Hot Topic

Buy the Fantastic Beasts Newt Scamander Overcoat here

12. Justice League: ‘Gotham Outlaw’ Batman Leather JacketJustice League: ‘Gotham Outlaw’ Batman Leather Jacket

Storm the streets of Gotham in style with this bad-to-the bone leather jacket from Merchoid. Emblazoned with the Batman logo and with armour detailing on the shoulders and sides, if this jacket doesn’t scream “dark and brooding” I don’t know what does.

This jacket has received the DC stamp of approval, as seen on the upper right breast, and the interior features “the Dark Knight’s gallery” artwork in black and white.

Price: $189.99/each via Merchoid

Buy the Justice League: ‘Gotham Outlaw’ Batman Leather Jacket here

13. Suicide Squad: ‘The Killing Jacket’ Joker Leather JacketSuicide Squad: ‘The Killing Jacket’ Joker Leather Jacket

If the purple frock coat isn’t quite your thing, then maybe this Suicide Squad inspired leather jacket is more your style.

This bi-tone, lamb’s leather jacket prominently features a stitched grinning jack-o-lantern face on the back, perfect for the part, even if you’re not a huge fan of Jared Leto’s Joker. Ribbing along the upper arms and cording along the seams add to the overall bada** effect. The interior is a shockingly blue-green, with designs reminiscent of Leto’s Joker’s tattoos, and features three pockets. This zip-close jacket has two zippered side pockets, and one zippered chest pocket on the left breast. The cuffs are sizeable, with snap-cuffs and zippers to allow for more dexterity.

Price: $249.99/each via Merchoid

Buy the Suicide Squad: ‘The Killing Jacket’ Joker Leather Jacket here

14. Mass Effect N7 Leather JacketMass Effect N7 Jacket

“I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite jacket on the Citadel.”

Styled after the leather jacket worn by Male!Shepard, this zip-up leather jacket is for any fan of the original Mass Effect trilogy.

This iconic red and black jacket is reminiscent of Shepard’s N7 armor, and even bears the N7 insignia on the right breast. The jacket features two interior pockets, and two side pockets, perfect for stashing dog tags, Medi-Gel, or that picture of Archangel we know you keep (we won’t tell).

Price: $169.00/each via Amazon

Buy the Mass Effect N7 Leather Jacket here

15. Star Wars Finn/Poe Dameron JacketStar Wars Finn/Poe Dameron Jacket

Show your love of the bromance in a galaxy far far away with this replica jacket from The Last Jedi. This leather jacket has been created to carefully recreate the jacket Poe Dameron gave to Finn in the movie.

Available in two colours, “antiqued beige” and “chocolate brown”, this jacket features the red detailing on the front as seen on the movie jacket. The jacket also has ribbing along the arms and on the front flap, and with buckles at the wrists for easy sizing. Pockets at the side and on the left breast give the jacket functional appeal as well as nerdy stylishness.

Price: Starting at $169.00/each via Amazon

Buy the Star Wars Finn/Poe Dameron Jacket here

16. Star Wars Rogue One Rebel Military JacketStar Wars Rogue One Rebel Military Jacket

If you want a bit more subtlety to your Star Wars pride, then check out this light jacket inspired by Captain Cassian Andor from Rogue One. 

Designed to mimic two of Captain Andor’s looks, this grey/blue jacket has a brilliant yellow, faux leather yoke panel on the right shoulder, and striped detailing down each arm. The jacket has snap-close chest pockets on either side, and waist-cinching for extra depth, and the back features the Alliance Starbird crossed by two fighters. The interior lining showcases a digital grey camo, interspersed with fighters and the Alliance Starbird.

Price: $79.90/each via Hot Topic

Buy the Star Wars Rogue One Rebel Military Jacket

17. Deadpool Varsity JacketDeadpool Varsity Jacket

Take one for the team with this retro Letterman Deadpool jacket. This poly-cotton blend in Deadpool’s by now classic colours feature a button snap close and rib-knit cuffs, waist, and collar. Deadpool’s logo is emblazoned on the left-hand side, and red detailing strips allow you to find the pockets with ease.

With chimichanga in hand, you can wear this jacket to the newest upcoming Deadpool 2 movie (or any Marvel movie for that matter), or spend your days breaking the 4th wall with raunchy witticisms; the choice is yours!

Price: starting at $49.00/each via Amazon

Buy the Deadpool Varsity Jacket here

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18. Outlander Claire Fraser’s Riding CoatOutlander Claire Fraser's Riding Coat

The first thing ye want when travelling to the Scottish highlands is something warm to wear. The second thing ye’ll want is a good guide. We can at least equip ye with the first.

Fashioned after Claire Fraser’s riding jacket from the Starz Outlander series, this beautiful reseda green wool-blend jacket is perfect for those misty Scottish mornings. This faux fur trimmed jacket comes with button closure at the front, and invisible pockets for any bawbees ye may wish to carry.

Come along now, Sassenach.

Price: $199.99/each via Entertainment Earth

Buy the Outlander Claire Fraser’s Riding Coat here

19. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Ladies’ JacketSuicide Squad Harley Quinn Ladies' Jacket

Show off your love for your Puddin’ with this two-tone light jacket, which is a replica inspired by Harley Quinn’s portrayal in the Suicide Squad movie.

This red and blue poly blend nerdy jacket features sequin-edged gold paneling along the shoulders and down the arms, as well as a red and yellow knit band around the neck, wrists, and waist. The jacket has a zipper closure, with a J- shaped zipper pull, and two pockets on the front. The back of the jacket is where all the action is, emblazoned with “Property of Joker / established since 4ever / puddin freaky stylie” in gold embroidery.

Whether for cosplay or for everyday wear, everyone will know who your favorite character is when you’re wearing this jacket.

Price: $54.99 via ThinkGeek

Buy the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Ladies’ Jacket here

20. Nightmare Before Christmas Girls’ Hooded JacketNightmare Before Christmas Hooded Jacket

What’s this? What’s this? A Nightmare you can wear! What’s this? A hood to cover your hair! What’s this? Purple satin lining, corset lacing to cinch that fit and flair! What’s this?

Now everyday can be Halloween with this Nightmare Before Christmas inspired studio-length, poly-cotton blend trench coat from Hot Topic. As mentioned above, this coat comes with an incredible amount of detail, including embroidered detailing featuring Jack Skellington’s head amidst swirling tendrils in a matte black on the lapels, and a repeating pattern of Jack’s head and bats on the purple satin interior lining. This form-fitting coat has a corset tie at the back to add even more snug gorgeousness. The double-button front closure and hood are perfect to keep you warm during weather that makes your bones rattle.

Price: $79.90/each via Hot Topic

Buy the Nightmare Before Christmas Girls’ Hooded Jacket here

21. Captain America Proud Leather Puff Jacket

captain america jacket

One of the warmer nerdy jackets on this list comes from TV Store Online with their Captain America Proud Leather Puff Jacket. It’s officially licensed, of course, and it features a Captain America shield on both the front and on the back (it’s bigger on the back). There’s nothing subtle about this one – people will know you’re on #TeamCap with this one.

Price: $59.95 via TV Store Online

Buy it here.

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