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19 Nerdy Tree Toppers for Christmas


It’s that time of year again – the days are getting shorter and the kids have finally gone back to school. As such, it’s time to plan the perfect Christmas. Decorations, of course, are the key to transforming your home into the ultimate display of holiday confections and nerdiness.

Granted, planning decorations for the holidays can be stressful, especially if you’re looking for a specific theme. And boy, if you don’t want an angel, Santa, or a star on top of your tree, you are in for a long search.

So if you’re looking for nerdy tree toppers to complement the rest of your cool Christmas stuff, check out our list of 21 Nerdy Tree Toppers for 2021. Hand-picked by our editors, this list is an easy and convenient way to find the tree topper you need this holiday season.

From the most popular franchises like Star Wars to the lesser-known steampunk genre, there are more than enough nerdy options for your perfect tree. Whether you’re still knee-deep in pumpkin spice season, or wistfully waiting for the winter wonderland to come, this list is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Here are the 21 best nerdy tree toppers available right now:

Mario Star Tree Topper

If video games are your only nerdy love, then this Mario Star tree topper should be the perfect addition to your tree. This star is 3D printed and as such, is one of the more costly toppers on this list. What makes this topper worth it, is that the Mario Star is among a gamer’s first memories of gaming.

Between Pokémon, Zelda, and Mario, the latter is arguably the most commonly held experience. Who doesn’t remember getting their first star? Or discovering the secret star in Peach’s castle? This Mario Star tree topper is the best way to invoke those sweet memories during the most wonderful time of the year.

Price: $50

Buy it here

21 nerdy tree toppers

Darth Vader Tree Topper

Let’s start this list off with the guy who went to the Dark Side before it was cool. You can finish off any tree (like a Star Wars-inspired tree) with this awesome Darth Vader tree topper. Though this tree topper is probably the most common out of all the tree toppers on this list, he is also one of the best. What better time to show your true alignment to the dark side than sticking Darth Vader himself at the place of honor atop your tree.

Doctor Who Weeping Angel Tree Topper

Maybe angels are your thing this year and Halloween is never quite over for you. Creep out fellow Whovians with this Weeping Angel tree topper – don’t blink! You can assure them it is only a plastic recreation and does not at all possess the same powers as the Weeping Angels from the show.

Despite being plastic, you can be assured that this nerdy tree topper is from the esteemed Kurt Adler company, so you know it’s not going to fall apart on you by the time Christmas is over. In addition, it is much better to have a lightweight tree topper than a heavy one that might fall and take your tree with it.

Death Star Tree Topper

If you thought Darth Vader just didn’t have quite the Christmas cheer you were looking for you, you can get another version of the Christmas star – the Death Star! Same difference, right? This Death Star from ThinkGeek even twinkles! Sort of! It lights up and changes color from red to blue, with the laser dish flashing a bright green. What’s more, this Death Star tree topper also plays the Stars main theme and the Imperial March. Not exactly Jingle Bells, but the music the perfect cherry on top to your nerdy Christmas tree.

Doctor Who TARDIS Tree Topper

This TARDIS tree topper is another ornament from Kurt Adler. It’s 9 inches tall (not too shabby for the average tree topper) and the windows light up. The light requires 3 button cell “LR411 .5V” batteries, which are not included. The batteries should be relatively easy to find, if not at your local Wal-mart, then at the pharmacy (button batteries are often used for ear pieces) or the jewelers (they tend to have a larger variety for the watches they sell). Even if you can’t manage to light this tree topper, it will look great atop your tree.

BB-8 Tree Topper

Now, all of the above may be tree toppers, but they don’t quite have the tell-tale marks of holiday decorations, like snow or presents. Luckily, this BB-8 tree topper has both! A little over 9 inches tall, BB-8 is all set for Christmas with a small bed of snow under him and presents all around him. He lights up and can be used as a centerpiece instead if you decide against putting him on your tree.


Yoda Tree Topper

If you’re not a big fan of the Dark Side, you can always imbue your Christmas tree with the wisdom of the Light Side from the wisest Jedi of them all: Master Yoda. He will stand tall upon your tree, guarding it with a fierce expression and wielding his famous lightsaber. The latter lights up a brilliant green, sure to complement your decoration theme.

Santa Mickey Mouse Tree Topper

Alright, so if Star Wars is a little too nerdy for you, you can also make the kids really happy with this Mickey Mouse tree topper. Once again from Kurt Adler, Mickey Mouse is wearing a Santa Claus costume and is eyeing a pair of candy canes in his hand. It’s hard to tell if he plans on eating them himself or handing them out to lucky children.

Krampus Tree Topper

Whether you loved the 2015 movie, are Central European, or really love horrific Christmas traditions, this Krampus tree topper is for you. For those that may not know, Krampus is an anthropomorphic creature described as half-goat and half-demon.

What coal in your stocking is to American children, Krampus is to European children. In modern tradition, Krampus is to roam the streets on December 6th (Krampusnacht) in the guise of a bishop with a golden staff. He visits homes and businesses, handing out coal to any ill-behaving humans.

In true Krampus fashion, this tree topper is in the guise of an angel complete with talons and dark wings. Admittedly, this does make it look more like a terrifying Christmas version of Chucky. Nonetheless, if you like to combine a little macabre with your Christmas, this tree topper is for you.

Dungeons & Dragons D20 Tree Topper

Mario may be the source of all gamers’ nostalgia, but DnD will hold a place in our hearts that nothing else can fill. Heck, most of us still play today despite the numerous MMO and RPGs available out there.

Nothing can quite top the strength of our imagination and the friendships made during a given session. To commemorate this unforgettable game, and perhaps inspire a Christmas themed session too, you can place this D20 tree topper on your holiday tree this year.

Price: $100

Buy it here

21 nerdy tree toppers

Mickey And Minnie Tree Topper

Once again, if you’d like something that will thrill the kids this Victorian Mickey and Minnie Mouse tree topper is sure to do the trick. The topper depicts Mickey and Minnie dressed in their finest period clothes. Mickey is holding up a sprig of mistletoe, but of course, Minnie doesn’t need an excuse to warmly kiss his cheek. It’s a sweet scene that will inspire the Christmas spirit among all family members this year. Hand-painted onto wood, this piece is a costume order meant to be cherished for years to come.

Price: $36

Buy it here

21 nerdy tree toppers

Jack Skellington Tree Topper

This Nightmare Before Christmas tree topper is hand-crafted by The Muse Creations, an Etsy store dedicated to all kind of handmade crafts, like tree toppers, lights, and amazing Halloween costumes. Their eye for detail and design is unparalleled, as you can see in this tree topper.

The black and white swirls are clearly inspired by the art in the movie (and not just the spiral in the pumpkin patch), especially Jack’s suit and bow. His expression is spot on too. Jack wears the lovely mischievous look he gets when he has devised the perfect plan. The perfect plan to adorn your Christmas tree of course!

Price: $89.99

Buy it here

21 nerdy tree toppers

Steampunk Tree Topper

Are Victorian dress and clockwork the way to your heart? Check out this Steampunk tree topper – complete with beautiful copper, silver, brass, and gold colored gears. They aren’t made out of real metal, but they are very well done and arranged to a beautifully complex snowflake. Standing at a good 9 and a half inches tall, this nerdy tree topper is worth every dollar spent.

Price: $36

Buy it here

21 nerdy tree toppers

Kingdom Hearts Tree Topper

As the perfect representation of friendship, here is the ultimate Kingdom Hearts Wayfinder tree topper. Nothing embodies the Christmas spirit more than this star-shaped fruit. The Wayfinder will ensure that you will never be parted from your friends and you will always find each other.

Albeit a somewhat sad explanation, as all Kingdom Hearts games are about the loss of one friend or another, despite your attempts to bring them back to your side. Unless, of course, the third game brings everyone back together and untainted by their rather traumatic pasts.

This ultra nerdy tree topper is made out of wood, which is hand cut and then carefully painted. The glitter in the middle is made out of glitter foam so that it can mimic the beautiful shine the Wayfinder has in the game.

Price: $23.55

Buy it here

21 nerdy tree toppers

Tinker Bell Tree Topper

Here we see Tinker Bell from Peter Pan sitting on what could very be the fabled “second star to the right.” Perhaps this Christmas, Neverland is not as far as our childhoods might make it seem. Let Tinker Bell remind you of the good old days or excite your kids when they spot their favorite Disney character atop the Christmas tree this year.

Price: $34.95

Buy it here

21 nerdy tree toppers

Pokéstop Pokémon Tree Topper

Can’t put down Pokémon Go, no matter where you are? Make your Christmas tree a Pokéstop! Get everything you need while you sit around the tree with your family during the holidays, what could possibly go wrong? Well, to be clear, this tree topper doesn’t actually make your tree a Pokéstop, but it’s a nice thought. Show off your nerdiness and love for all things Pokémon with this amazing tree topper.

Price: $21.31

Buy it here

21 nerdy tree toppers

Princess Leia Star Tree Topper

Memorialize the wonderful Carrie Fisher with this Princess Leia star tree topper. She’s looking badass as ever, glitter overlay and all. It was the role Fisher is known for, of course, and Princess Leia will always be the first and most badass princess in popular cinema history.

The actress and her role mark the beginning of so much in history, most of all the part of women in Hollywood. As such, keep the Princess close this year and get this amazing tree topper. She’ll always be a Princess to us, near and dear to our hearts forever and always.

Price: $27.62

Buy it here

21 nerdy tree toppers

Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Tree Topper

You know the one genuinely creepy monster in Nightmare Before Christmas? Why not put Oogie Boogie himself atop your tree! Combine Halloween and Christmas, just like Jack Skellington himself with this Oogie Boogie tree topper. Handmade and made to order, this topper is one that will be the center of conversation during your holiday gathering.

Price: $75.00

Buy it here

21 nerdy tree toppers

Glass Dragon Tree Topper

If you ever wanted a nerdy tree topper to double as a family heirloom, this Glass Dragon tree topper will do the trick. It’s handblown, high-quality, and stunningly expensive, but it will take your breath away every time you look at it. This topper’s beauty is so much more than a mere dragon – there are even tiny scales all along with its body that are carefully painted with gold accents. The final step is making sure it never, ever breaks.


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