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Freddy & Jason NES 8-Bit Horror Funko POP! Vinyl Figures Now Available


The whole 8-bit toy trend is one that we personally love here at Nerd Much?. It’s a good mix of old meets new, and that’s why we can’t get enough of 8-bit stuff.

There’s now two exclusive new Funko POP! Vinyl Figures with an 8-Bit design: Freddy and Jason.

Remembering 8-Bit versions of Freddy and Jason on the NES might be hard for those my age, as you were probably too young to play the games at the time. But now that you’re a grown-up and can make your own decisions, you’ve probably gone back to watch those classic horror films and maybe you’ve even played the classic NES horror games: Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th.

To celebrate these classic horror icons, Funko has created two all-new 3 3/4″ tall vinyl figures featuring 8-bit designs, one being right out of Camp Crystal Lake with a cool purple and ice-blue colorway, and the other hailing from Springwood with his yellow and orange striped shirt.

The 8-Bit Jason Funko also has a machete, complete with pixelated blood, while the Freddy Krueger Funko sports his signature bladed hands.

If you’re a horror fan with kids, these are a great way to add a small nod to horror in your office without scaring your young kids away.

Each figure is available for $11.99 via GameStop and ThinkGeek.

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Bobby Bernstein
Bobby Bernstein
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