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Whether you grew up with the original Super Mario Bros, Super Mario 64, or Super Mario Galaxy, chances are you spent many late nights helping an Italian plumber reunite with a princess. No matter how many year pass and how many installments in the Mario franchise come into existence, the formula need not change very much. We bond over Mario’s wholesomeness, his ability to overcome obstacles to help others, and his devotion to eating many, many mushrooms.

In honor of those great memories, you can now own the Light Up The World NES Controller Lamp. This Nintendo-themed lamp features an iconic image from Super Mario Bros for the NES on the lampshade. Seeing those goombas and mystery boxes in all their original glory is sure to put a smile on your face before bedtime.

But perhaps even better is the NES controller attached to the lamp which allows you to turn the lamp on and off, as well as adjust the brightness. Grip the old, boxy NES controller for a quick fix of nostalgia. Plus, the lamp is officially-licensed by Nintendo so you can feel content knowing that your money is going to the company that gave you all the great memories.

If you’re currently playing through Super Mario Odyssey on your Nintendo Switch or plowing through Mario’s back catalog on your NES or SNES Classic, this lamp is a perfect companion on your adventures. And when it’s time to wind down, turn the light off and go to sleep counting goombas. Come to think of it, Mario of all people is super deserving of a nap or something, considering all of his tennis, go-karting, party, and rescue mission shenanigans. Self-care is very important, Mario, please don’t forget that.

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