Cool StuffNew Harry Potter Christmas Sweaters Available Now

New Harry Potter Christmas Sweaters Available Now

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Price: $62.92

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Everyone remembers the scene. It’s winter at Hogwarts, Hagrid is seen dragging in a tree as big as he is for the Great Hall. Hermione has haughtily reminded Harry and Ron to check the Forbidden Section in Hogwarts library before she takes off. A few days later, Harry wakes on Christmas morning. We know he’s glad Ron is around, but he’s fully expecting to sit back and watch other people be happy.

Little does he know, Ron (already impatient and wearing his customary Weasley sweater) has spotted more than a few gifts for Harry too. Besides the Invisibility Cloak, Harry discovers his own Weasley sweater among the gifts. This is one of the most heartwarming moments in the entire series and I don’t think Harry Potter fans are ever going to forget it.

These Weasley sweaters from Merchoid are the perfect way to bring that moment home with you. Whether you want Harry’s cool blue or Ron’s warm red, the Weasley sentiment remains: friends are family too.

Merchoid’s Christmas sweaters may not be as thick as the ones in the book or the movie, but they are still knit and will keep you warm while you hang those Christmas lights or carefully place presents under the tree. Whatever the case, these sweaters are sure to warm hearts too.

For only $62.92 USD, you can purchase these sweaters too – but you’ll need to be fast! Merchoid’s stock is dwindling as you read this and they may not come back in time for the holidays. Sizes range from S to XXL, but as of this writing, only certain sizes are available. For Ron’s sweater, L and XL are in stock and Harry’s sweater currently has sizes S to L.

Order now and you can wear one of the most memorable symbols of Harry Potter to your family gathering or any other holiday celebration.

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