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New Nintendo Switch Lite Zacian and Zamazenta Edition

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Take your gaming on the go to the next level with two Legendary Pokemon and this special edition Nintendo Switch Lite. Zacian and Zamazenta step away from Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield to join you on your gaming journey with Nintendo’s newest handheld console, the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Etched into the back of this limited edition grey Nintendo Switch Lite are depictions of the two Legendary Pokemon. The face buttons of the revamped Switch handheld console come in a mix of light blue and maroon to match the colors of the two Pokemon.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a cheaper and more compact version of the original Nintendo Switch. It removes any ability to dock and is designed strictly for handheld play. The controls are built into the console, meaning you won’t be purchasing Joy-Cons just to find the right color combination. Compared to the original Nintendo Switch, the Lite is .27 lbs lighter, 1.2” shorter, .4” smaller, and has a touchscreen that’s 0.7” smaller.

The sleek handheld system fits comfortably in your hands and is compatible with all physical and digital Nintendo Switch titles – including Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The limited-edition Zacian and Zamazenta Nintendo Switch Lite does not come with Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield, but features a design inspired by the latest releases in the Pokemon universe.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield return players to the vibrant world of Pokemon. The RPG follows the same basic formula of previous Pokemon titles as players embark on a quest to become the best trainer in the Galar region.

Enjoy Nintendo’s expansive library of first and third-party games on the smallest Switch Console out there. Download your favorite titles or play directly from cartridges on this compact and more convenient Nintendo Switch console. 

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