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Nixon Ranger Chrono Millennium Falcon Watch

Nixon Ranger Chrono Millennium Falcon


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If you’re a watchmaker, it’s really hard to nail nerdy watches for men. On one hand, you want to give a proper nod to a certain fandom, but on the other, you don’t want to go overboard; you don’t want that watch to look cheesy. Instead, you want something classic-looking that has a subtle tinge of your favorite fandom. That’s exactly what the designers over at Nixon watches are doing with their incredible line of Star Wars watches.

Take the Ranger Chrono Millennium Falcon watch, for example. It doesn’t shove Star Wars down your throat as to make their watch look cheesy, but instead, they’ve crafted something that looks like any other luxury watch from afar. But when you get close to it, it’s got Star Wars written all over it (not literally, of course).

This watch’s visual appeal starts with its gunmetal exterior that matches the Millennium Falcon’s own design. It also uses a dual-eye chrono that’s inspired by the cockpit window of Han Solo’s YT-1300 freighter. It has a day chrono window that uses the likeness of the gunner’s window.

nixon ranger chrono millennium falcon

And then, Nixon added more nods to the fan-favorite sci-fi franchise like the bright blue seconds hand and a notch at the top that are inspired by the ship’s hyperdrive capabilities. On the back of the watch, it’s inscribed with an image of the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit window, the Star Wars logo, and the words “NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS,” the famed words by C-3PO in Empire Strikes Back.

The Nixon Ranger Chrono watch also comes with a stainless steel case that’s been hardened with mineral crystal, a unidirectional stainless steel bezel, and a stainless steel double gasket crown. It has a water rating of 100 meters.

The watch is available at Nixon.com, and it’s only one of the many Star Wars luxury watches they have in their line.

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