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One61 Batman Smartwatch

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There are plenty of ways to inject a bit of nerd into your daily life – we know that. But we’re always looking for new things to add to our wardrobes that celebrate our favorite fandoms. Now, we’ve been introduced to One61, a brand that’s really doing something different in the superhero merch space.

We’ve been testing the brand new One61 Batman Smartwatch for a couple of weeks now, and we can honestly say it’s a quality smartwatch. Of course, we’ve always been biased to cool Batman stuff, but there’s a lot to love about this watch. First, and most importantly, is that it looks great. The default screen display is a brightly-colored wallpaper sporting the classic red and black Batmobile that’s contrasted with the time in yellow.

Secondly, there are a lot of great little nods to the classic series contained in the menus. There’s a classic red phone (like the one in the Batcave from the original television series). If you shut the watch off, a splash pops up of the Batman logo while a sound effect plays. The phone dialer contains the classic Batman logo right in the center.

one61 batman smartwatch

There are also some great ‘crime fighting’ goals that will unlock clips of Batman defeating his enemies. When you reach 2500/5000/7500/10000 steps, you’ll unlock these short clips. The watch also has a patrol reminder that will alert you if you’ve been sedentary for too long. It has sleep monitoring, a music controller, camera controller, a phone finder, and more great features that you’d expect to find in a smartwatch.

The One61 Batman Smartwatch also comes in collectible packaging for display purposes, so it’ll look great among the rest of your Batman collection.

You can pick it up directly from One61, which also has The Flash and Wonder Woman editions available.

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