Cool StuffOriginal Batgirl Statue by Tweeterhead

Original Batgirl Statue by Tweeterhead

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If you are a true Batman fan, then you will know that the beloved Barbara Gordon was not the only Batgirl to appear in the comics. There were others, including the original, Betty Kane, who first appeared in 196l as “The Bat-Girl”. Betty had a very different look than the modern Batgirl and was also the sidekick to Batwoman, not Batman.

But I’m sure you knew all that. I am also sure you would love to have this Batman Classics Collection Batgirl Statue by Tweeterhead. This resin statue is beautiful and has a lot of detail thanks to the sculptors Mike Cusanelli and Trevor Grove. She is wearing her original red and green costume which looks super retro (and retro comic things are always cool in our book). When standing on her base, she is 11-inches tall — the perfect height for her to stand out in your collection for everyone to admire.

This would be a great addition to any Batman collection, especially if you like the DC classics. It looks gorgeous and can be a great conversation piece considering most people would not know who she is. What makes this piece even cooler? It’s limited! You could be the proud owner of something that limited people in the world have. So let out that greedy little kid in you and go pre-order one before it’s too late. They’re shipping now.

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