Cool StuffOverwatch: D.Va Splash Backpack

Overwatch: D.Va Splash Backpack

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Time to raise your APM! This Overwatch D.Va Splash Backpack is one of our favorite nerdy backpacks available and it’s the perfect gift for fans of the beloved girl with the mech or even D.Va herself.

This officially licensed backpack is crafted by the masterminds over at J!NX with both style and function in mind. The blue body of the backpack is punctuated by bright pink streaks along the straps and pockets, and small decals are strewn over every inch.

Those very decals look as if they are freshly tagged by D.Va herself before a match to capture the flag starts and more cuss words than a sailor can think of fill the voice channel. It additionally features a raised and colorized, rubber Overwatch sigil in the middle, this item is sure to draw the eyes and envy of all your friends and teammates.

Whether you are crawling through the alleys of King’s Row, attempting to bust through the castle doors of Eichenwalde, or just enjoying the starry night sky in the Horizon Lunar Colony, this backpack features enough room for any and all books, binders, or blasters.

The Overwatch D.Va Splash Backpack features a front compartment with internal organization pockets, in addition to two side pockets, a zipper pocket, and an internal two-slip mech pocket, so if you cannot fit everything you need into that much available space then I do not know what to tell you. There is also a padded internal laptop sleeve that fits most 15-inch laptops so you can bring your Overwatch with you to play whenever you get the chance to.

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You may be concerned that this backpack is uncomfortable as a metal mech—after all, it seems as heavily decked out as one—but have no fear! This backpack is constructed with sturdy yet soft polyester fabric and comes equipped with pads on the back panel, shoulder straps, and front panels. You will be walking around in comfort and style.

This D.Va Splash Backpack is currently available on Amazon.

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