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Overwatch Loot Box Cookie Jar

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The Overwatch Loot Box Ceramic Cookie Jar¬†from ThinkGeek looks exactly like the standard loot boxes in-game. At the cost of $39.99 USD, this cookie jar measures at a 6 and 3/4 inch square, with a height of 5 and 1/2 inches. It’s not a large cookie jar, and it certainly isn’t very deep. But it is enough to hold the cookies for Santa (if that happens to be a tradition in your household).

I mean, you have to let Santa know what you really want for Christmas somehow. One cookie jar in the shape of an Overwatch loot box is sure to get your point across. The next step is making sure Santa knows what Overwatch is, enough to buy you the right gift.

Like the entire collection of Funko Pop! figures or even a gift card for all those pesky microtransactions within the game. If you are an extremely practical person, your Overwatch Christmas wish might just be a few more paid months or years of the PS Plus or Xbox Live subscriptions.

That said, this cookie jar does not seem to have a proper rubber seal, so storing cookies will be at your own risk. If you love keeping your cookies soft, I suggest using a sealed container instead. Otherwise, this loot box might be better off holding wrapped candies, as shown in the picture with mini bars of Musketeers. It needs to be on display anyway, so it isn’t too much hardship to put a little candy within arms reach while you’re gaming.

Though perhaps you are the strange breed of healthy gamer and choose to put something less sugary inside, like peanuts, pretzels, or even trail mix. Healthy is a loose term in this case. Chips would also make a good snack to keep inside this loot box, though not for long.

Luckily, being made of ceramic, the Overwatch Loot Box Cookie Jar is an easy clean. The makers do not mention if it is dishwasher safe, however, to bear in mind you will likely have to hand wash this if it needs cleaning.

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