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17 Best Star Wars Backpacks in the Galaxy (2019)

It’s the first day of summer, you guys – and that means school is ending in the next week or two. Enjoy it while it lasts, as soon, you’ll be heading back to school already. Ugh, we feel your pain. At least going back to school gives you another reason to buy cool nerdy stuff […]

10 Best Kigurumis You’ll Absolutely Love

What combines an adorable costume/mascot and comfortable pajamas to wear around the house? Kigurumis! Adult onesies, otherwise known as kigurumis, have gained quite a bit of popularity the past few years, especially among anime fans, cosplayers, and pop culture enthusiasts. The word kigurumi combines two Japanese words: kigu (‘to wear’) and nuigurumi (‘stuffed toy’). The […]

Nyrius ARIES: Wireless HDMI Transmitter For Xbox One or PS4

Nothing is worse than when you want to play some video games after a long day at work only to come home to your kids watching Spongebob Squarepants on the living room TV. Bummer. Having two Xbox Ones or PS4s would cost roughly $800.  But if you already have a second television somewhere in your house, […]