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Paper Shooters Zombie Slayer Kit


Sure, you could go to your local big box retailer, pick up any of the toy guns, and pretend to shoot down some zombies with your friends. You could also grab some water pistols, have a water fight, and go nuts. But something’s missing there. Zombies! So, check out the Paper Shooters Zombie Slayer Kit for all of your zombie slaying needs.

The kit comes with 138 pieces, 6 shells, and 50 “Soft Splat” pellets, as well as a mold to make your own ammo from paper once you run out of rounds. What makes the Paper Shooters Zombie Slayer gun different is the fact that you put it together yourself, including the air chamber, trigger system, and interchangeable skins. The gun has iron sights, removable stock and barrel, and has an 8 capacity magazine. And unlike other toy guns, these guns feature ejecting shells and a blast of paper ammo that can be made from ordinary paper, allowing you to mow down endless waves of zombies without the fear of ever running out of ammo. Basically, it’s a modern take on the spitball.


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