Playmobil Back to the Future DeLorean Set

Price: $49.99

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It’s 1.21 gigawatts of fun contained within a child-friendly package with the new Playmobil Back to the Future set!

Doctor Emmett Brown has a new invention to show off to his young slacker friend, Marty McFly. With the help of his dog, Einstein, and a modified DeLorean, Doc proves to Marty that time travel is possible – though it comes with a cost.

Thankfully, we can overlook the risks of time travel and enjoy ourselves with this Playmobil playset. Inspired by that iconic scene in the parking lot of the Twin Pines Mall, the Playmobil set reunites Doc, Marty, and Einstein with the time-traveling DeLorean.

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The flux capacitor is in need of an energy boost, but luckily Doc has brought his case of plutonium! Just keep an eye out for any ominous vans as you tinker with the vehicle and prepare to send Marty back in time.

The nostalgic 64-piece playset includes figures for Doc, Marty, and Einstein and comes with a plutonium case. The DeLorean features functioning gull-wing doors and is roomy enough inside to fit Marty or Doc. Watch the time machine come to life with an assortment of screen-accurate electronic lights and sounds. 

The Playmobil Back to the Future set is as close as you’ll get to owning a working time machine. Thankfully, you won’t need 1.21 gigawatts to run this scaled, toy replica of the movie’s classic ride. 

Think you can go back in time and help Marty save Doc, bring his parents together, and fix the errors of the past? It’s a major undertaking, but one you can take on with him with this buildable set.

Remember the fun and excitement of Marty’s journey back to the future with this 64-piece Back to the Future Playmobil set.

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