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Pokemon Lamps: Jigglypuff, Snorlax, and Pikachu

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These three brand new remote-controlled 10″ LED Pokemon lamps are now available for pre-order in limited quantities and will in September (depending on demand). Who will you choose? Or will you just “catch ’em all” (Sorry I had to, it was literally right there).

jigglypuff lamp

First up we have “Sultry Singer Jigglypuff.” This is an adorable representation of Jigglypuff in all its pink wide-eyed glory (if there is a NON-adorable depiction, don’t tell me). A cute decorative piece, this is a great addition to any collection. You can almost hear Jigglypuff singing as you stare into its eyes before you drift off to sleep (can you sleep after staring into its eyes?).

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snorlax lamp

Next, we have the “Snorlax Used Rest” lamp. This showcases Snorlax, the cozy, oversized behemoth of relaxation, performing one of his most famous moves. And just think – you don’t need a TM to get him to learn it! What better way to drift off to sleep than to be accompanied by Snorlax, the monster that knows sleep better than anyone? You can sleep soundly knowing that there is a giant monster asleep right next to you (sorry, that sounded good when I first thought of it).

pikachu lamp

And what collection could possibly be complete without Pikachu? You can now capture your own version of the most popular (and arguably most adorable) Pokémon on the planet with your Pikachu “Quiet, Recharging” lamp! This shows off Pikachu taking a much-needed break from countless battles and just catching a few z’s before hitting the next gym. No, there is no danger of waking up and seeing that it’s evolved into Raichu (really a common issue with any Pokemon merchandise), so rest assured you’ve got your own little “Pika Pika” at your command. A must-have for any collection, for sure! Ryan Reynolds not included.

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