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Pumpkin King LED Lamp

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Disney has finally released the perfect lamp for anyone who is afraid of the monsters that live under the bed, who wishes there was someone watching over them while they sleep to scare these monsters away, or who just loves the Pumpkin King from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. This year, Disney released a light-up Jack Skellington Pumpkin King LED lamp – perfect for putting on your bedside table to light up those long winter nights. The design looks like the actual head of Pumpkin Jack lighting up the night next to you.

With its uniquely Jack-head shaped design, thin black smile, and black eyes on a luminous white background, it will give off plenty of light and look just like living skeleton Jack Skellington was generous enough in the true Christmas Spirit to donate his own head to light up your evening.

This lamp has a USB rechargeable battery and comes with a micro USB cable for all your charging needs. This great feature means it can charge in a convenient location all day, and then be taken to where you need it without trying to strain to reach an outlet to plug Jack in to, or leaving those pesky cords lying around for you to trip over in the middle of the night.

It is the perfect size at 18cm x 16cm x 18cm. This means it puts off plenty of light but will not take up your whole table. This certified Disney product is made out of only the highest quality materials, just like all the merchandise that Disney produces. There were only a limited number of these great NightmaresBefore Christmas Pumpkin King LED lamps made so hurry to claim the last one before it’s too late!

You can buy them on for $50.99 with free shipping to all United States locations. They are currently taking pre-orders, but supply is limited, so hurry to make your purchase now. These lamps are expected to ship out sometime in October 2019 but could possibly ship later depending on manufacturing time.

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