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R2-D2 Slippers Make You Feel Like the Most Comfy Droid in the Galaxy

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It’s not far from now that your Star Wars advent calendar will be emptied and you’ll be huddling around your Christmas tree on December 25th. When you finally get to that magical moment, you’ve got to get there in style. But more importantly than that, you’ve got to be comfortable. So while you rip your wrapping paper off of all of those nerdy gifts, you need to have your slipper game up to snuff to play the part. Luckily for us, these R2-D2 slippers are perfect for the occasion.

From Merchoid, these R2-D2 slippers are the perfect complement to any Star Wars fan’s leisurely look. They’re made of soft plush fleece and come in adult sizes of 8 to 10. And the slippers are officially licensed so you know the fine details are there.

These R2-D2 slippers won’t rob you of many credits either. Merchoid has them listed at $19.99 and offers free shipping to the U.S. As always, they also offer a free 100-day return policy with a money back guarantee so that you can send your order back should you have any problems with it whatsoever.

If just wearing these R2-D2 slippers isn’t enough Star Wars for your Christmas day, we’ve got you covered. Check out Nerd Much?’s Star Wars Decorations: The Ultimate Holiday Guide to really spruce up your personal Jedi temple. Or, you could show off who the best nerdy cook is in the galaxy with this Star Wars slow cooker. But if you’re looking for something more practical that still actually serves a good purpose, you could always bring Lord Vader into your bedroom with the Darth Vader humidifier during the upcoming dry winter months. And of course, checkout our list of all the upcoming Star Wars movies so you know exactly what you can put these bad boys on for and snuggle up to.

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