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Rick and Morty Action Figure Set

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Price: $99.99

Buy it From Entertainment Earth

Embark on the greatest adventures of your life with two of the scariest people to do it with! Rick and Morty are here to take you across universes and galaxies with this two-pack Rick and Morty action figure set, pulled straight from the Rick and Morty animated series.

The grandson/grandfather duo come to life in these highly-detailed action figures, complete with an assortment of gadgets, gizmos, and interchangeable body parts. It wouldn’t be a “Rick and Morty” set if it didn’t require a little work on your part!

The drunken leader of this duo is determined to set out on another grand adventure while timid Morty really isn’t up for it. Against the younger adventurer’s wishes, they’re prepping to explore the vast reaches of time and space – and it’s sure to take them to dangerous, uncharted territories.

To prepare them for the journey, the Rick and Morty two-pack action figure set comes with a portal gun, Mindblower Helmet with interchangeable tubes, and the most important piece of the puzzle – a bottle of booze. Trust us, Rick is even worse when he doesn’t have one on him.

To accurately depict the pair’s expressions, be it terrified or drunk, the action figure set also comes with interchangeable heads, two for each character. There’s also a pair of interchangeable arms for Rick and Morty, so you can pose them in a number of ways. 

The PVC figures stand at 11.5” tall for Rick and 8” tall for Morty. To keep them upright, the set comes with two stands. These figures are a must-have for fans of the animated series, but don’t be surprised if they bring trouble your way. Rumor has it, wherever these figures go, a Gromflomite isn’t too far behind.

You can buy the two pack of Rick and Morty figures from Entertainment Earth.

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