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Rick and Morty Christmas Ornament Set

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Oh man. The last thing Christmas needs is for Rick Sanchez to work his magic and ruin it with some weird interdimensional nonsense. But, he does look like he’s behaving in this set of Rick and Morty Christmas ornaments, so maybe you can let him into your home this holiday season.

Rick, his grandson Morty, a festive Plumbus, and Pickle Rick are here to decorate your tree in this four-pack of Rick and Morty ornaments. Each ornament has a festive touch to it, like Santa Rick, who’s here to deliver a Mr. Meeseeks box to all in need. Then there is his unfortunate elf Morty, who has his own Christmas cheer to spread, wrapped up neatly in a gift box.

Start a new tradition in your household with these nerdy Christmas ornaments featuring Pickle Rick(you can hide him on your tree!). It’s an entirely different kind of Christmas pickle, but it serves its purpose if Rick’s willing to sit still. Finally, don’t forget to make use of the ever-helpful Plumbus. If anyone asks what it is and why it’s wearing a Christmas hat, just shrug it off. Everyone that needs to know understands what a Plumbus does.

This holiday season, allow a little Rick and Morty love into your life with these 4.5”, 4”, and 3.5”-tall ornaments. Attached to a shimmering gold string, they’ll look great on any Christmas tree—even one that may come from some far-out dimension that Rick and Morty stumble upon.

The Rick and Morty Christmas ornaments are made of a stoneware resin while the Plumbus and Pickle Rick are made of molded plastic. Either way, they’re designed to withstand any of Rick’s antics. Hey, you invited him into your house during the holiday season, you have to deal with the consequences. 

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