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Rick and Morty Gym Duffel Bag


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Rick and Morty fans are you looking for the perfect new accessory to show off your Rick and Morty pride? How about an awesome gym duffel bag? Summer is a pretty common time for people to start hitting the gym more often, and even if that isn’t you, this bag will carry whatever you need to carry. Toss in a towel and sunscreen and head to the beach, or use it to lug around all your awesome Rick and Morty merch.

This Rick and Morty Gym Duffel bag features a prominent Rick’s Gym logo on the side, with the motto “Rick’s gon’ give it to you!”. Get pumped up for your next workout with this incredibly ripped Rick. With a large capacity for all your gym clothes, or whatever else you need to tote around with you, this bag is sure to be your new favorite duffel.

Use the removable shoulder strap to keep your hands free, or detach it and stow it away for another time. The classic gym duffel bag design means the cylindrical shape and sturdy build are made to last. Featuring a side zip pocket and top zip closure this grey duffel bag measures 18” x 9” x 9” You can count on this sturdy Rick to be around for a long time.

Grab your very own Rick and Morty Gym Duffel Bag and use it carry your stuff between portal jumps, or just to carry your snacks home from the store while you binge watch your favorite Rick and Morty episodes.

However you plan to fill it, don’t miss out on this unique way to show off your Rick and Morty fandom, and who isn’t looking for one of those?

Buy it now on sale at Boxlunch for $31.92.

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Malissa Sorsby
Malissa Sorsby
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