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Rick and Morty Portal Gun Light

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Straight out of the multiverse comes a chance to purchase your very own portal gun! Or, at least a light in the shape of a portal gun. Do you really think that the Council of Ricks would allow just any random person to have access to the powers of interdimensional travel?

The Rick and Morty Portal Gun Light is a piece of officially licensed merchandise that is now available for pre-order at This would be the perfect purchase for any and all fans of the hit television show. Featuring the iconic green portal base and the hand of none other than Rick himself, this portal gun emits a brightly colored green light that makes you believe a gateway to another dimension is about to form right before your eyes. Finely sculpted and professionally painted, the portal, arm, hand, and gun seemingly leap off your television screen with acute attention to detail. It is very possible that this is an actual, mummified hand and portal gun of one of the multiverse’s many Ricks.

If you are at all concerned about how you will supply power to this thing, don’t be! This light comes with dual power options and can be powered through either batteries or its USB port. In addition to its variety of power options, this light additionally is designed to be either free standing or mounted on a wall or any flat surface. Whether it’s the desk light by which you plan your next horrific science experiment, the light in your bedroom that you use to set the mood, or any other spot that you can think to place it, this light’s free standing and wall-mount options ensure that there is essentially nowhere that it will not fit.

The Rick and Morty: Interdimensional Illumination Portal Gun Light is currently available for pre-order at $51.99.

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