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Marvel x RSVLTS Button-Down Shirts – Available Now


Price: $70 each

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What makes a hero? Is it the lightning-fast speed? The ability to lift a car and toss it over your head like it’s nothing? Bruce-Banner-like super smarts? These powers might make sense in the comics, but in the real world, the most crucial accessory for a superhero is his wardrobe.

With KUNUFLEX’s collection of Marvel-inspired button-downs at RSVLTS, you can dress to impress whether you’re working in the city or saving it. And with over 15 breathable, short sleeve shirts to choose from, it’s easy to rep your favorite heroes!

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Still reeling from that Tobey-Andrew-Tom tri-fecta in Spider-Man: No Way Home? KUNUFLEX has you covered with their vast selection of Spider-Man shirts. The designs “Web Surfing” and “Villains Beware” will have you feeling like you’re wearing original Spider-Man sketches, while “The Spidey Bunch” boasts over five decades of Spidey masks. For a more subtle look, the “Aplaidnaphobia” shirt sneaks Spideys into seemingly normal lines and stripes, and “Amazing Fantasy” shows off cover art from 1962’s Amazing Fantasy #15.

If you prefer a Peter-Parkerless Spider-Man, though, KUNUFLEX also has two Miles Morales-inspired shirts, and the “We Are Venom” shirt includes everyone’s favorite sentient alien symbiote.

For fans still grieving the exit of Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, maybe slipping on “The First Avenger,” “Sentinel of Liberty,” or “Arc Reactor” will make you feel better. Also, KUNUFLEX has your Black Panther: Wakanda Forever midnight premiere outfit sorted with an array of shirts featuring T’Challa himself. “Wakanda Forever” boasts a black and purple tribal mosaic fit for a king, “Vibranian Chief” gives you the chance to wear Wakandan symbols, and “Panther Power” and “The Panther Follows” display moments straight from your favorite comics.

But if you can’t choose your favorite mightiest hero, settle for them all with “Pages of Time” and “Roll Call.” You’re sure to feel super in these threads from KUNUFLEX.

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