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Science Socks by Sock It to Me

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Anyone who has been following us for awhile knows that we love a good pair of nerdy socks. For the life of me, I can’t understand why people choose to wear plain ‘ole white or black socks when they can get something a bit more unique and stylish.

One of our go-tos for cool socks is Sock It to Me, and that’s because of their incredible selection. The company just debuted their Fall collection, and it’s loaded with extra nerdy science-inspired designs that we just had to share. Some of the new designs have spaceships like the Launch from Earth (which looks like something out of No Man’s Sky), One Giant Leap (an astronaut on the moon with a spaceship), and Space Craft (obviously has many different space crafts on it), while others take a more jovial approach, like the Glazed Galaxy, which is loaded with different donut planets.

Sock It to Me also has quite a few alien-themed designs, including Peace Out (which has a sort of ’70s hippy alien vibe to it) and I Believe (more of a classic green little alien being beamed up by its spacecraft).

There are many different sizing options available, including regular men’s crew socks, women’s crew socks, women’s knee-highs, WIDE CALF (woot!), no-shows, and kids socks. And, each is carefully crafted with vibrant prints, and they’re ultra comfortable (feeling more like regular cotton socks than, say, a dress sock like some other sock companies).

Sock It to Me also has plenty of other non-spacey designs to choose from, and with the holiday season around the corner, you should probably keep them in mind, as nothing beats awesome socks in your stocking.

I’ll also note that Sock It to Me does a lot of charity work in the form of donations, supporting organizations like JOIN, Project Lemonade, and a ton of organizations local to Portland. So, you know, that earns them an extra +5 Awesomeness in our books.

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