Cool StuffSecretLab Titan Gaming Chair 2018 Edition

SecretLab Titan Gaming Chair 2018 Edition

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**Update 3/18/23: We added the SecretLab Titan to our list of the best gaming chairs for back pain.

If you’re looking to finally purchase that gaming chair you’ve been saving up for, be sure to take a look at this SecretLab Titan Gaming Chair 2018 Edition. Not only does SecretLab make some of the most high quality, top-notch chairs, the Titan chair is currently on the Black Friday sale for $339.00 USD (original price at $500.00). That’s quite the savings, especially for such good quality.SecretLab Titan Gaming Chair 2018 Edition

If the brand name isn’t enough to convince, this Titan gaming chair has plenty more features. For one, the black version looks fairly classy with the subtle gold embroidery of the T and SecretLab logo. Second, the focus on sweet comfort. You can adjust the lumbar support to whatever you need, “without the need for a separate cushion.” It’s built right into the back of the chair, though adjusting it makes the chair look a bit like it’s breathing. We’ll move on from that.

The wheels of the chair even have a rubber coating, for smooth gliding and to treat your carpet right, if you so happen to have a carpeted gaming room. As usual, the design of the chair itself is inspired by car seats, made especially for long periods of sitting.

The seat itself is “designed to conform to the human body shape” with the use of “cold cure foam.” If you don’t know what that means, cold cure foam is when the entire chair’s shape is a mold into which the foam is poured. Most other foam is laser cut from a base block, leaving the resulting foam weaker and prone to shifting inside it’s container over time. As such, cold cure foam will never move and is less likely to disintegrate with use.

If you plan on sleeping in your SecretLab chair, the Titan backrest can recline all the way back. Or perhaps in case your screen is placed quite high. The armrests are also highly adjustable, up and down and side to side. Whatever angle you need, this chair can do it.

Probably the second most important to the ergonomics of a gaming chair, is the ability for the chair to tilt. With this “multi-functional tilt mechanism” you have “full control over the suspension of the chair.”

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Price: $339.00 USD (Black Friday sale from the original $500.00)

Buy it here.

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