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Solar System Earrings

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Price: $45 (via Uncommon Goods)

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Whether you are sitting outside looking at stars through your personal telescope or in the theater and watching another grand, galactic adventure, the solar system’s wonder and majesty is seemingly endless. Forever expanding and ever beautiful, there are few better ways to properly show your love for this great galaxy than through these charmingly mismatched Solar System earrings handmade by Lauren Beacham in Maryland.

Rock out your wardrobe in celestial style and shine brighter than any star when you purchase a pair! The designer takes great care to nestle each individual glass bead into silver-toned brass bezels in order to highlight every known body in our solar system.

Sun? You betcha. (but do not let people stare into that one too long)

Earth? Check. (ET’s got to phone home from somewhere)

Mars? Of course! (perhaps you can even make out Mark Watney in his makeshift home, awaiting rescue)

Heck, even Pluto is on here! And that is no longer even a planet!

So whether you are getting these for yourself or you are looking for the perfect nerdy gifts to give to a dreamy stargazer or beloved science teacher, a purchase of these earrings will be a starry wish come true. You may even be able to trick people that you are the world’s biggest space and NASA fan with these wonderful pieces of jewelry.

It should be noted that these are not waterproof, so it is recommended that you avoid getting these wet. When it comes time to clean, please use a soft dry cloth and store inside of an airtight plastic bag when they are not worn in order to prevent tarnishing.

These Solar System Mismatched Earrings are currently available here for $45.00.

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